Insider Exclusive: OG Brandyn Dombrowski Q&A's Michael Kranzler continues his interview with rookie OG Brandyn Dombrowski, this time for Insiders only. Dombrowski talks about his conflicts with his high school coach; his academic ineligibility as a senior at SDSU; and his challenges in making the Chargers' roster. Find out what else he has to say in this Q&A.

Michael Kranzler: You transferred high schools for your senior year. Was there any reason for this?

Brandyn Dombrowski: At my first high school, I didn't really get along with my coach, and I felt it would be better for my career for me to move on to a different school.

MK: You were academically ineligible for part of your senior year before being granted a waiver by the NCAA. What exactly happened there?

BD: Basically, I ran into a few issues with one of my classes. I had to get all of that stuff taken care of before I could actually get back into the season.

MK: Who was the toughest player you had to block during your career?

BD: I don't know, there have been a lot of guys. Anybody I played against, I thought they were all really good athletes and I prepared the same for everybody. I thought everybody I played against was good and I treated them all the same.

MK: What is your biggest strength on the field?

BD: In college, it was my strength, but when you get to this level you can't rely on your strength as much. Right now, I'm just trying to put everything together, so I really couldn't tell you right now. I'm learning everything all over again.

MK: What do you need to improve upon most in order to have a shot to make this team?

BD: Right now, I need to work on my technique. Like I told you, I relied a lot on my strength in college, but up at this level you need a lot more technique. Right now, I'm just trying to get better technique down.

MK: Is there anything that you want to say to all the Chargers fans out there or that you would want them to know about you?

BD: I'm here to better this team. Whatever I can do to better this team, I'm going to do.

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