Coach's Take on PK Billy Vinnedge's Scott Domitrowits chats with Wyoming special teams coach Chris Knutsen to get an inside scouting report on rookie kicker Billy Vinnedge. Knutsen opens up about Vinnedge's quest to build up some preseason game film and believes his former pupil has a chance to carve out a niche in San Diego. Find out more in this Q&A.

Scott Domitrowits: As compared to other positions on the field, is it easier or harder for a kicker to make an NFL roster early in his career?

Chris Knutsen: I would say there is not much of a difference. It's tough for all college guys to adjust, but kickers usually need a couple of years to work some camps, play in the preseasons and gather some tape. The more tape you have, the more likely you will get called by teams to get a shot at it. Recently, teams are starting to value kickers and punters more. They are using high draft picks to get guys -- some work, some don't -- but it shows how much teams value the position.

Scott Domitrowits: What are some things Billy Vinnedge is going to have to overcome to make the Chargers squad?

Chris Knutsen: Billy tweaked his calf last year, but has bounced back to get over that. He just needs to keep focused and keep ready, because if this doesn't work out with the Chargers, and I hope it does, he needs to be ready to kick well right away for an NFL team.

SD: With Nate Kaeding on the roster, you would think Vinnedge's best chance to make the roster is with kickoffs, right?

CK: He has a really powerful leg and is capable of doing kickoffs. He also just started kicking field goals again last year and can do that well. He also is a good punter. You never know what can happen and Billy can be there to do whatever the team's going to need.

SD: What are the differences in kicking in college and kicking in the pros?

CK: The one major difference is probably just like all new rookies: The adjustment of the lifestyle for in the pros. For example, when you have a meeting that lasts one hour, it is going to go for one hour. The coaches are not going to keep you longer or end things shorter; it's a lot more business like. Kicking is kicking and any kid that can hit kickoffs to the goal line is going to make it, and if you make the kicks you can make it.

SD: Do you think Vinnedge can make the roster?

CK: I think he can make a roster, if not now, certainly at sometime. Right now he is just trying to get a lot of preseason work to get a lot of tape. Billy has the kicking power and he has a good head. If he just keeps focused, he can make it.

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