Quotes from the Heart

The Chargers answered the call this week when they internally questioned their own heart and fortitude. They came back from being down 17-7 to start the fourth quarter to win the game in overtime 20-17.

"If there was any question about their heart, I think that was dispelled," coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "This team has great heart. Just look at the games we've been in and how we've managed to hang on and win. And yeah we lost one last week, but you know what? Those other guys get paid, too."

LaDainian Tomlinson was the most outspoken after last week's loss to St. Louis. He questioned the team's heart openly and was disgusted from the fact the Bolts could not close the deal and win the game.

"The 49ers are a good team. We kept battling and we kept battling," Tomlinson said. "That shows you what kind of heart this team has, to win a game like this."

49ers Coach Steve Mariucci was not pleased with his team's performance and it may lead to the expulsion of kicker Jose Cortez.

"We're usually better at the end of a game than we were today," Mariucci said. Cortez "has done some good things for us this season, but he's also missed a few."

Steve Christie who kicked the winning field goal in overtime was a little nervous but knew he held the hopes of his team on his shoulders. From that he was understandably nervous.

"The last time I was really nervous was when I kicked an overtime field goal in my rookie year," said Christie. "All I'm trying to do is keep my confidence."

With the win, the Chargers expelled the notion that they have no hearts by beating a team some have called the favorite to make it to the Super Bowl. Despite a 2 game losing streak the Chargers have now beaten several quality opponents and it is safe to say they have gained their confidence back.

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