Dave Wannstedt speaks out

Miami Dolphins Coach Dave Wannstedt speaks out about the upcoming game, the Chargers players, and the original thoughts on whether the team really considered drafting Drew Brees.

On whether the San Diego Chargers are one of the most physical teams that the team will face this season:

"I would say so because of their style. They would like to run the football thirty five to forty times a game. In their defense, they play very physical. They put a lot of pressure on you. We're going to have to be ready mentally but also physically."

On whether the Dolphins offense is similar to the Chargers offense:

"Yeah. I think it's very similar. They want to run the ball and throw some play action passes. Their tailback is their feature guy in their offense, as ours is. There is a lot of carry over between the offenses."

On the development of Drew Brees since his entry into the NFL:

"He has done a nice job and I think the coaches are doing a nice job of kind of controlling what he does. They've had two overtime games. They've had enough games that they have won late, where he has had to go in there and orchestrate a drive and make good decisions. I think he's done a fantastic job."

On the importance of Scott McGarrahan and Trent Gamble on special teams:

"San Diego is third in special teams a year ago. They have dangerous returners. Special teams has been a big part of our success here. McGarrahan and Gamble have been a major part of that. They are part of our core group. Everybody has a role on this football team and you have to know what their role is. If [a player] ever thinks that he is bigger than that role or better doing that role, than usually guys don't last long. That is why you see a guy like Scott McGarrahan being in the league five, six or seven years. He loves what he does. He would love to play defense but he is important to special teams and he knows how we treat special teams. He understands the importance that I put on it."

On playing against Junior Seau this Sunday:

"We're dealing with a great football player and probably a Hall of Fame football player. At times he can be a little unpredictable. And by that I mean you don't know when he's blitzing and when he's not blitzing. It's tough to keep track of him and it's tough to account for him. He's an excellent football player and he brings the emotion that you are looking for from a defensive standpoint. He's the full package."

On how well he knows Marty Schottenheimer:

"I know him. We have played golf together socially and done some things together. He is a lot older than me! I have always admired the way that he coaches. When I was college coaching, Tony Wise and myself went up there when he was in Cleveland for several days during their training camp just to watch them practice. You've always heard that when you get to the pros, you don't have to coach the guys as hard. They know everything. But I came away from that and remember having a conversation with Jimmy (Johnson). We sat down and talked about how the drills that they were doing and the way that they were coaching them was no different from what we did in college. I've always believed in that myself."

On whether the Dolphins researched and looked into drafting Drew Brees:

"Extensively. We really liked Brees. We liked everything about him. We had just signed Jay (Fiedler) and we were committed to Jay. My experience with quarterbacks is that if you draft a guy in the first round, you better be ready to play him because everyone always thinks that the backup can go in and be better. Having a veteran seasoned team, I just felt like it wouldn't be the right thing to do, to bring a rookie in and say, ‘OK Jason (Taylor), Sam (Madison) and Zach (Thomas), it's going to take a couple of years to see if this kid comes along. And there is no guarantee with draft picks. We all know that. There were a lot of reasons why we didn't. Everything we had on him was positive. It wasn't because we didn't think he could be a player that we didn't draft him, it was because of our circumstances."

Miami Dolphins vice president Rick Spielman added, "We had a major discussion with Drew Brees. We thought he was an excellent football player coming out, but because we had Jay Fiedler and what we felt about Jay Fiedler, we thought Jay was the best option. We had no qualms about Drew Brees and what kind of football player he would become. If you take a quarterback in the first round, it's when are you going to play him. We had just signed Ray and we felt really strongly about Jay."

For the record the Dolphins picked cornerback Jamar Fletcher.

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