The Word from Miami

Here is the most recent "word" from the mouths of Zach Thomas, Sam Madison and Chris Chambers on the upcoming game against the Chargers and the battle that awaits…


On RB LaDainian Tomlinson and the success of the Chargers running game:

"He's leading the NFL in rushing. They got away from it last week because they were behind, and so they had to throw the ball a lot more. But they're going to come out and try to pound us. They've got a great running game. We've got our hands full this weekend. We definitely need our crowd to be loud. That's one thing that helped last week playing at home. But we need them to be louder, and that will definitely help us. We need it right now until we get guys back. We're not playing at 100 percent."

On if he's surprised at the success the Chargers have had this year:

"They've got a great defense. They're playing well. They've got a lot of talent. Drew Brees is playing well and Tomlinson is running the ball. So that's all you need. If you have a great defense, a guy who can run the ball and a guy who can throw the ball, what else do you need? They've got it."

On if he's equally as impressed with Drew Brees as he is with LaDainian Tomlinson:

"They're both playing well. For guys to be second-year players, they're really playing well. I'm impressed with Tomlinson because he's a slasher and he can hit those holes. Sometimes he doesn't have a hole and he makes yardage out of it and he breaks long runs. If he can break one, nobody is catching him. He's fast. Brees definitely is trying not to get sacked. He's going to give up the ball. He knows where to go with the ball. They've given up 11 sacks in ten games. That's awesome."

On if the Chargers offensive line would be considered a physical group or a finesse group:

"They're physical. They do a lot of finesse things, but they'll hit you in the mouth."

On if it means anything that beating the Chargers could mean the difference in home field advantage in the playoffs:

"Definitely. We've got to have this win. This will give us an edge up on them. They're going to be a playoff team. They've got a great team. We can be at the very top, even after that skid we went on. We're playing at home and there are no excuses. We've got to come out and execute, have fun and hopefully the crowd will help us out."

On if he's able to remember the 1982 playoff game between the Dolphins and Chargers:

"I wasn't watching the Dolphins. I was watching the Cowboys and the Bears. I was nine years old. I don't remember anything back then. I barely remember last year."


On the play of Drew Brees:

"He's doing a great job. They have two quarterbacks that they can depend on with Flutie as the backup. You can see some similarities there. Flutie has taken him under his wing and helped him a lot. He's getting better week in and week out. With the great running game that they have, they can run the play action off of it and he's doing a great job of making fakes and delivering the football where it's supposed to be. He's not a guy that really puts the ball down the field but their receivers make great decisions and after the catch they do a great job of running. The scheme that they are running is real tough and we just have to play sound football and sound defense against these guys."

On whether having Norv Turner on the Dolphins coaching staff will help defense the San Diego Chargers:

"No not really because we don't know what plays they will be running from Norv's system. Seeing some of the formations that Norv runs, the types of routes and blocking schemes that they get into, kind of helps a little bit. But you have to go out there and play those guys because Norv is not going out on the field blocking us or passing the football. We just have to watch a lot of film and do the physical work on the football field."

On whether he is surprised by the San Diego Chargers 7-3 record this season:

"No. When we played them in the preseason, basically every year they have won. We went out there two years ago and it was a dogfight and we came out on top. These guys have always had a great team. It just seemed like they finally put all of the pieces together. I think drafting a running back and having a backup running back like Fletcher really helps compliment their system. Putting Drew Brees into the starting lineup is even better. It's going to be a tough situation for us. I think we'll be prepared. I think it will be a great football game."


On the San Diego Chargers cornerbacks:

"Last week against San Francisco, they flopped a little bit. 47 (Ryan McNeil) went with Terrell Owens, probably because he is bigger. I'm expecting him to be on me for the most part."

On what he knows about Chargers safety Rodney Harrison:

"I know he's a big hitter. Everybody knows that. He's going to try to get you out of your game by making these big hits."

On whether he thinks there will be opportunities to make big plays in the passing game this week verses the Chargers:

"Every week. I look for that against every team that we go against. Teams have been successful against them in the past. They gave up a couple of big plays last week to Terrell Owens. We watched those things to see if we could hit on a couple of the same things he did."

On whether he expects to see Junior Seau making tackles on plays where he will have the ball in the middle of the field:

"Yeah, unfortunately. He's a great student of the game. He knows exactly where to go and where to be. I'm sure if he sees me coming across the middle shallow, he'll let me know."

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