Chargers Report Card Week 12

Grading out the Chargers units and all the grades come back with very little results worth speaking of.

QUARTERBACKS- Drew Brees finished with 107 yards passing, no scores and an interception that occurred when the receiver was bumped off his route by an official. Still it seems he lacks confidence in anyone but Curtis Conway who was unavailable for most for the game with a shoulder injury. GRADE: F

RUNNING BACKS- LaDainian Tomlinson had just 45 yards on 14 carries. Pedestrian numbers but the Chargers were down early and had no room to get him more carries. Tomlinson was non-existent in the passing game. Grade: C-

RECEIVERS- Stephen Alexander has eight catches for 61 yards but no other receiver had more than two receptions with Conway, the Chargers' main threat not having a single catch. With Conway limited due to his injury, no receiver could get open against the Dolphins superior secondary. Grade: F

OFFENSIVE LINE- Brees was under pressure all day even when the game was close during the first quarter. After that the Dolphins continued to tee off. Jason Taylor manhandled Ed Ellis and the line combined to give up three sacks, the most all season. Grade: F

DEFENSIVE LINE- Ricky Williams exploded through holes bigger than the width of the field. Jaime Nails absolutely dominated the inside of the line and took Jason Fisk any way he wanted him to go. Grade: F

LINEBACKERS- Tim Ruddy did a fantastic job against Junior Seau allowing Seau to overpursue plays. The linebackers were unable to maintain gaps and Williams ran through them to the secondary a number of times. Donnie Edwards did hold Randy McMichael to zero catches. Grade: D

SECONDARY- Alex Molden was slow to respond when he had James McKnight on the ground and down. His failure amounted to an eventual 77 yard gain on the play. Quentin Jammer was slow on coverage that resulted in the one touchdown pass from Ray Lucas to McKnight. The unit also lost Ryan McNeil to an injury. Grade: D

SPECIAL TEAMS- The return game took a step backwards and Reche Caldwell got hammered setting up to catch a punt and fumbled the ball. The play was questionable but the Chargers must live with the call. It led directly to 7 points. Steve Christie missed a field goal that could have brought the game closer and the Dolphins capitalized on the miss by kicking their own field goal. That's a 13 point swing right there. Grade: F

COACHING- The Chargers defensive players say they were confused at the different looks Norv Turner and the Dolphins showed them. Was Dale Lindsey not communicating effectively? Three losses in four games and the Dolphins beat them when the Chargers knew they would run. Grade: F

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