LT! LT! Teammates and Fans Cheer is the same

With 1,318 yards, he already has passed his total of 1,236 from his rookie year. He closed within four yards of Kansas City's Priest Holmes for the NFL rushing lead. With Holmes running for 113 yards and Ricky Williams running for 228, Tomlinson knew he had to have a big day to keep pace. He more than kept pace with his 220 yard rushing day.

"I knew at the beginning of the week the Chargers were going to rely on me a lot because we had Curtis Conway hurt, Tim Dwight was hurt, we had two rookies in at receiver," LaDainian Tomlinson said. "So I knew we were going to run the football a lot and they were going to give me the ball a lot. I had the mind-set the whole week that I was going to do whatever it takes for us to win this game."

"I was actually surprised when we started running the football successfully,'' said Tomlinson. "Once we got going, that confidence grew. Our offensive line got more confident and there was no doubt that I felt more confident and was able to break some tackles and make some people miss and get some points on the board."

Let's not forget that they were playing the Denver Broncos, the No. 1 rushing defense in the league. Even after allowing 220 yards rushing against LT, the Broncos remain in the top spot in rushing defense allowing 85.0 yards per game. They arrived into San Diego allowed just 72.7 yards per game.

"There was no doubt that I felt more confident and was able to break some tackles and make some people miss,'' said Tomlinson, after his second 200-yard outing in nine games. "And to just try to get some points on the board."

"I always try to pride myself on getting stronger as the game goes on," said Tomlinson, "I have to give a lot of credit to my offensive line. They opened up some huge holes. I was able to deal with the safeties and a couple of cornerbacks."

"Sometimes I believe you have to lead by example," he said.

He led by example and showed he will carry the load when they say he can't. 48 touches and an amazing performance that puts him smack in the middle of the league MVP race.

"I was coming off the field and I said, ‘I love you, dude, and how you do this?'" fullback Fred McCrary said. "He said, 'Man, it's this will to want to win at all cost.' I can't say enough about the guy."

"He was probably close to empty," McCrary said. "But if we had to go some more, I'm pretty sure he could do it."

"He's a great running back, right up there with the same quality of Emmitt," offensive guard Kelvin Garmon said. "Even when we messed up, he bounces off a couple of tacklers and keeps going. It just makes you want to block harder."

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