Addressing "the hit" on Jamal Williams

Broncos coach Mike Shanahan addressed the questionable hit Steve Herndon placed on Jamal WIlliams on Wednesday.

"To be honest with you, I asked Steve to come in and I asked him what he was thinking when he was going downfield," Shanahan said. "Of course, you like your linemen to hustle downfield."

Steve Herndon made what appeared to be a blatant attempt to injure Jamal Williams, who had his back to Herndon, towards the sidelines as Williams pursued Clinton Portis who had just caught a screen pass and was scampering downfield.

"Steve was very upset. Obviously, he called Jamal and apologized. Those things do happen. It surely wasn't intentional, and he feels real bad about it, as does everybody," Shanahan added.

"In fact, I called (Williams) myself and left him a message on his phone, just told him how unfortunate it was and what a great player he was and sorry it did happen."

The NFL could decide as early as today whether Herndon's hit warrants a fine and/or suspension. They have been sent tapes of the incident by Coach Schottenheimer and if no drastic action is taken expect some sort of public backlash from Schottenheimer who was irate when he reviewed the clips.

"Coach Shanahan did call and expressed his concern about it,'' Schottenheimer said. "His comment to me was, 'Marty, I'm very, very sorry that it happened.' "

Defensive lineman Jason Fisk said it best after speaking with Williams:

"He's doing well considering the circumstances,'' Fisk said. "And, right now, the circumstances suck."

On Wednesday, Shawn Price was added to the roster. Price is a former Bill, yet another who has followed General Manager John Butler.

Price, 6-4, 290, is a veteran of nine NFL seasons, including six with Buffalo (1996-2001), one with Carolina (1995) and two with Tampa Bay (1993-94). His career totals include 26 starts in 111 games, 269 tackles and 14.5 sacks.

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