Inside the Locker Room

After the game Chargers players spoke out about the humbling defeat against the Raiders. Coach Schottenheimer was also not pleased but was optimistic about taking care of business and leaving the past behind once they learned from it.

On the Game:

Chargers Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer said: "The outcome was obvious, we did not play the way it is necessary to beat a good football team like the Raiders. We turned the ball over three times and you cannot do that and win in the NFL. You cannot give the ball to the other guy. Our guys played hard but they did not play well enough to win and that's the bottom line. The untimely interception followed by the big play they made a 56 yarder. Those two plays were critical to the outcome to this football game. Its disappointing but what we're going to do is what we always do, win lose or otherwise, we'll look at it, we'll evaluate it and put it aside and get ready for the next one."

"I don't think any of us played the way we are capable of playing…we did not play to the standard that we expect to play to. That addresses everybody."

"We're just going to go back and look at the film and get better next week," said LaDainian Tomlinson. "We have to get better. We didn't play like we're capable of playing. That's the bottom line."

"This was definitely one of our best games because no matter what they did out there, no matter what running play, no matter what passing play, we always felt like we were in control," linebacker Bill Romanowski said.

On why the offense was so bad:

"I think we struggled up front," said Schottenheimer.

On benching Toniu Fonoti in the second half:

"We just felt like Toniu was having a problem and we wanted to go with Michael (Keathley). Toniu will be back in there starting next week. Young players sometimes have situations like that," said Schottenheimer.

On the Raiders Defense:

"They played a lot better. They didn't change anything, they just came in there and did a much better job of defending the run then they did in game one," said Schottenheimer. "They made plays they had to make in the secondary in the passing game."

Tomlinson added, "They had all the gaps covered and they got off blocks well. They did a good job of flowing to the football. They did a great job."

On Brees' struggles:

Said Schottenheimer: "As I said, young players go through that. Part of it has to do I think when you're not given an opportunity to sit down back there and throw it. There's a lot of pressure and we were struggling to get it blocked."

"It was all me," said Drew Brees. "It was nothing they were doing. They weren't bad decisions, probably just bad passes. We got ourselves into too many third and longs. It's tough to convert when you're doing that. They had a good scheme for us on third and long and were able to stop us, but other times I think we were just stopping ourselves. A lot of that was me. I didn't come up with some throws when we needed it. That will cost you in the long run."

"I'm upset when I have games like this," Brees added. "What frustrates me is that some of the picks were bad throws."

"We're a growing team," said Tomlinson. "We have a quarterback that's starting his first year. We have a couple of first-year starters on the offensive line. That's a part of football. You have to expect to have growing pains like that."

On a Brees Interception:

"It appeared to me the ball was underthrown, but there was nothing wrong with the play that was called," said Schottenheimer. "Again I think it is important that we all recognize the fact that we've got a young quarterback who's gonna be outstanding and there will be days like this for every young player in the league whether its Fonoti, whether its Drew Brees, whether it was Junior Seau when he was a young player I mean that's just the way it is in the NFL. And today was one for those days for him."

On the playoff implications:

"We only control what we do and we are not going to worry about anyone else. We're going to go and we're going to play each of the remaining three games and take them one at a time like we always do and after 16 games somebody will tell us exactly where we are," said Schottenheimer.

"We're not going to change anything," said Brees. "We know we're still in position to go to the playoffs. Obviously, we need some big wins here in the next couple of weeks. We'll just take it one at a time. We're going to stay consistent and try to pull it out.

"I don't think anyone in the AFC West controls their destiny right now. We split with Oakland and they have two losses in the division. We have two losses in the west and Denver has two losses in the west. All I know is if we win the rest of them, then we're in the playoffs. Let's worry about that."

"We have two tough games ahead," added Tomlinson, referring to consecutive trips to Buffalo and Kansas City before returning home to face Seattle. "We're just going to have to grind it out. If we want to put ourselves in a position to make the playoffs, we really need these last three games."

On the Chargers defense:

Schottenheimer reflected, "I thought we put a pretty good rush on him in the first half. In the second half they made a couple of plays, they made the big one; the 56 yarder really hurt us. We weren't as effective on third down as we would have liked to have been and everybody in the stadium knew what they were going to do and we couldn't stop them. Crockett is going to get the ball in those situations I know he converted three of them and we didn't get him stopped."

"The way the defense played today, I felt we had to take advantage of some of the opportunities, and that was one of them," Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon said.

On the Crowd:

"I thought the crowd was great. I thought that when I came into the stadium at the beginning of the game there was a great energy from our fans in my opinion and it was there until we got into a situation where the Raiders fans had a lot more to scream about then we did," said Schottenheimer.

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