Dangerous and Snowy

Snow is the forecast for Sunday. Temperatures in the low 30's. Football weather. The Chargers are not used to football weather playing in the plush confines of sunny San Diego. This is the test of their meddle, the test of their will, the stumbling block that could dim their playoff hopes or help then take the next step towards success.

The math says the Buffalo Bulls are out of the playoff race. The players fear the same and are now playing for pride and for the slimmest of chances that they could in fact get back into the race. That amounts to a dangerous team.

"I've been around long enough to know that strange things can happen," said tight end David Moore. "You can either get in the front door or the back door. But it's certainly not over for us. We're going to try and win the final three and let it unfold from there."

Peerless Price backed that statement up stating, "We have to go out and win the games, whether we go to the playoffs or not, we're still trying to go 3-0 the last three games."

The Bills are willing to go all out as they build on the momentum of this season.

"The guys on this team will keep fighting," quarterback Drew Bledsoe said. "We have three games left and we'll fight in those three games. That's what you do; you try to win every game."

"Hopefully, we've got some guys on the team that won't quit, and understand that you're never out of it until you're out of it," added wide receiver Eric Moulds. "Hopefully, guys will see that and say, "I want to be one of those guys that step it up and help us win these last three games.' "

The first step is believing. The Chargers are in a good position and must continue their winning ways. They have lost four of the past six. Not exactly instilling confidence in their playoff possibilities.

A seven year playoff drought would be the motivational tactic this writer would use to egg on the San Diego veterans, who play for the city, the fans, and themselves, the younger guys would then follow suit, knowing they are building a foundation of winning in the city and when the Chargers are winning, people are much more amiable. The players are no longer worried about being seen in public. It is a persona that follows a winning program.

The Bills remain a dangerous team playing on desperation, dangerous indeed.

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