Key Matchups in Week 15

The high powered Buffalo offense highlighted by Eric Moulds and Peerless Price face the Chargers who have had trouble stopping offenses this year. Curtis Conway returns and hopes to alleviate some pressure from his Chargers teammates.

Eric Moulds/Peerless Price

The double threat plus a Pro Bowl quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, distributing them the ball spells trouble. The two receivers have paced the Bills with 81 receptions apiece. These two receivers may be better than any unit the Chargers have faced this season. While you ponder whether Moulds and Price are better than Jerry Rice and Tim Brown, know that the supporting cast the Raiders have in terms of receivers is better than that of the Bills. Week in and week out Moulds and Price are keyed upon yet they still continue to deliver.

"I love Moulds," said Rodney Harrison. "He fits the mold of Terrell Owens. But Peerless, time and time again on film you see him making big plays and running away from people. As a rookie you could tell he had talent, but he's really come into his own. He's one of the best receivers in the league right now."

He best not love him on the field this weekend. Harrison has not been the same since he got suspended this season and will need to rebound against the stiff competition. Harrison can rally the troops in defense of Moulds and Price by making the receivers pay when they cross his zone.

Price caught eight passes for 151 yards and a touchdown in his team's 27-24 loss last season. Moulds was even more impressive the year before against the Chargers, snaring 11 passes for 170 yards in a 27-24 overtime win.

Quentin Jammer has progressed nicely during his rookie season but has also fallen victim to rookie mistakes. Every week he is facing some of the best receivers out there and this week is no different. He will have to step up his game to stop the passing attack the Bills feature.

Curtis Conway Returns

Conway revels in playing Buffalo. He has had some of his best games against them. In 2000, he had seven receptions for 143 yards and a touchdown. And last season he had nine catches for 120 yards.

Conway provides experience to a unit that is sorely lacking it. He also had been a constant target of quarterback Drew Brees. Brees is comfortable throwing him the ball in traffic. Brees has thrown no touchdown passes without Conway during Conway's absence.

Conway will also take on some double teams and free up other receivers. Not to mention the deep threat he poses that can do wonders for the Chargers running game.

"I feel pretty good," said Conway after his first practice this week. That is music to the Chargers ears.

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