Stadium Trigger Clause

Don't let the words of Mark Fabiani, a special counsel to the Chargers, fool you. They have offered to delay the activating of the trigger clause in their contract with the City of San Diego because it would potentially ruin the hype of Super Bowl week here in San Diego.

That's right; this is a move not for anything else. They want to take away the drama that this clause would cause at Qualcomm.

San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy and the task force chairman called the offer a positive sign, and the mayor said he would ask the City Council to consider it when the group meets again next month.

Of course he is happy. This is his city and expect the City Council to gladly accept this proposal.

The offer is similar to the trigger postponement offered to the team earlier this month by Murphy and Councilmen Scott Peters and Ralph Inzunza whose intentions were the same. Don't make this national news during the week of the Super Bowl.

STATEMENT Mark Fabiani

Special Counsel to the San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have completed the final renegotiation trigger calculations. There is no doubt that the team significantly exceeds the threshold allowing us to exercise the trigger. The Chargers have also renewed the team's offer to the city -- an offer we first made before Thanksgiving – to visit Charger headquarters to review both the trigger calculations and the data supporting those calculations. We hope that the City will finally take us up on this offer to inspect the calculation and related documents. We remain disappointed that the City Council has refused to discuss our ideas for eliminating the ticket guarantee and the trigger. As we have said repeatedly, eliminating the guarantee and the trigger can only help our efforts to find a long-term solution in San Diego. The City's refusal, however, has not diminished in any way our determination to seek a solution that is in the best interests of all San Diegans. We remain deeply committed to finding a way to keep the Chargers an important, economically competitive part of the San Diego community for years to come. Because we want to remain in San Diego, the Chargers today offer to extend the 60-day trigger period which began on December 1. We propose that the City and the Chargers agree that the 60-day trigger period begin on March 1, 2003. We trust that this extension will allow the Mayor's Task Force sufficient time to complete its work. Once the Task Force has had the opportunity to complete its work, the team's decision to trigger will allow the Chargers and the City to begin formal negotiations over the future of the Chargers in San Diego. The Charger players and coaches are having an exciting season, and our fans deserve the opportunity to enjoy that season to its fullest. We hope that our decision to extend the trigger will demonstrate, once and for all, the determination of the entire Charger organization to work together with the people of San Diego to find a way to ensure that the Chargers will remain a part of our community.

Sure the words sound nice but the reality is the clause would have been triggered the day after the Super Bowl. Now they do not have to make the City and owner Dean Spanos look bad in the eyes of the rest of the NFL.

Murphy said in a statement, "I believe this is a positive action by the Chargers. I support extending the trigger deadline so the Citizens' Task Force on Chargers Issues has time to finish its job. I believe the City should support it as well."

The sad thing is no one saw this posturing for what it really was.

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