Injury Talk

Kansas City Head Coach speaks out about the various injuries that are ailing the Chiefs including the status of Priest Holmes. In the end he could only laugh off the misery that has hit his team. San Diego Chargers Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer also gave word on the Chargers current injury status.

Kansas City Coach Dick Vermeil

"(RB) Priest Holmes is home resting. They're having him stay home and not come in for treatment today because they want to get two more evaluations of the MRI to New York for a second opinion. This is normal procedure. We're also going to send an MRI to a close associate of (team doctor) Dr. Browne's who is a hip specialist just to make sure we're all reading it the same way.

"We remain optimistic is saying that we're not going to over-react, but a player of (RB) Priest Holmes' status there is a tendency for rumors to fly. I have nothing to say that is negative. I just got off the phone with him and he's in good spirits. He feels better today than he did yesterday and chances are we'll see him in the building tomorrow after all the final readings of the MRI's.

"(WR) Marc Boerigter's shoulder is slightly better but still very, very sore. I think he's questionable to play this week. There's nothing structurally wrong other than just the whole area is sore. He went into the ball game (vs. Denver) playing with it that way but really aggravated it in the game.

"I was just with (QB) Trent Green. His thumb is stitched up with three stitches and they're trying to figure a way to put something on the thumb so that in practice he doesn't irritate it or tear the stitches. They may put the thumb of a glove to cover it so that he can work with it that way. He feels pretty good otherwise.

"(KR/WR) Dante Hall's ankle is improved. This morning he was walking on it. So, (KR/WR) Dante Hall is still listed as questionable.

"(K) Morten Andersen is out. We're going to put him on IR (injured reserve) and recommend that he go ahead and get arthroscopic surgery on his (plant) knee. I think some of you have had cartilage problems in your knee before. This happens to be in his plant knee and you just never know how it's going to react when he throws the pressure on the knee full bore to kick.

"He tried the 41-yarder the other day and it really hurt him. We weren't sure if he was going to be able to kick at all the rest of the ball game, though he sucked it up and kicked the field goal and the extra points for us.

"So, we think it is better that we go ahead and get the knee cleaned out. It does end his consecutive game streak, but it's going to take a miracle for anyone to ever catch him. This way we don't have to carry two kickers and also take the chance of having him active and then, all of a sudden, have him kick once and the cartilage moves in his knee and creates pain all the way up his leg and he can't. By putting him down, that gives the job to the other kicker (Michael Husted).

"(WR) Johnnie Morton is better but he's still got a long ways to go. Sometimes they say all of a sudden the muscles start relaxing and he can start moving better. I was just with him downstairs and at least he has a smile on his face this morning.

"In terms of our roster, we will move (FB) Omar Easy to the starting fullback position in place of (FB) Tony Richardson. He's not (FB) Tony Richardson. We drafted him to be his back-up because they are similar type athletes: big, strong, fast and bright, high character young men.

"We have through the season been working him as if he were going to be ready to play. He was coached during the week in the game plan and actually took reps each week so he should be prepared to play.

"In the receiver position, we have signed a receiver to the practice squad by moving (RB) Jamar Julien from the practice squad up onto the 53-man roster taking (K) Morten Andersen's spot. We had a practice squad roster vacancy so we brought (WR) Kirk Rogers back from our training camp roster. He's been coaching. I've stayed in touch with him and he's in shape.

"We have signed (WR) Yo Murphy who has been with the Rams all year. He knows the system very, very well. He can play all three positions tomorrow and we needed people so we can line up and practice our own offense let alone play in the game Sunday. We needed bodies because we only had two (wide receivers) tomorrow to help us play.

"Other than that we don't have any problems."

San Diego Coach Marty Schottenheimer

"Damion McIntosh probably will be questionable at this point." McIntosh (ankle) couldn't say with certainty that he would be fit to practice Wednesday after missing Sunday's game.

"Curtis Conway got through it ok but is a little sore but that's to be expected.

"Junior (Seau) is a little bit sore.

"A couple defensive linemen are kinda banged up but hopefully they will be ready to go, Leo (Carson) had a bum ankle I think and Jason Fisk had a lower leg bruise.

"Then Jason Ball was a little banged up, but nothing that will keep him out of playing."

On Quentin Jammer injury:

"Yeah he's sore but obviously he went back into the game and finished it."

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