It's Official

Kansas City Coach Dick Vermeil ended the discussion on whether Priest Holmes will play this Sunday.

Kansas City Coach Dick Vermeil

"I think he's definitely out for Sunday.

"If you get a shoulder contusion, a hip contusion, an elbow contusion, a hip is a little more alarming in that you don't get those very often. Right now I think he has a little tissue damage and deep bruise. Nothing of a serious nature that I've been told, and the MRI sent to the other experts - or so-called experts - have confirmed what our experts said: that it doesn't appear to be anything serious. It's going to be a rehab period and time and rest. How long that period is I don't know. I've never experienced one of these before.

"They're keeping him on support movement (crutches) just for precautionary reasons.

"We're just not going to fool around," Vermeil said.

"At least we know there's no serious damage. When he feels good, he can go again," Vermeil said. "How long that takes, we don't know. I'm certainly not going to push him. I would be very cautious."

Priest Holmes, the defending NFL rushing champion, is just two touchdowns away from Marshall Faulk's single-season record of 26. His league-leading 2,287 yards from scrimmage this year is the fourth-best in league history and within sight of Faulk's record of 2,429.

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