Harrison an Alternate?

Rodney Harrison also gets the second alternate designation for this year. Harrison may have gotten his on reputation as well. He has not had a Pro Bowl worthy season, not even as an alternate.

Rodney Harrison is third on the team behind Seau and Edwards with 68 tackles and has added one sack, two interceptions, seven passes defensed and two forced fumbles. We all know it is not all about stats. Before "the hit" that cost Harrison a one game suspension he was well on his way to a Pro Bowl berth.

Then he got suspended by the NFL even though the hit was legal and much worse has been delivered this year. Since then he has been a shell of his former self. You can take away the distinction of Harrison being "the Hitman". He has instead been timid and fears receivers enough that he is making mistakes. In years past he never missed tackles. This year he has missed plenty. Years past he was in position, not this year. Instead he is being flagged for pass interference and getting beat deep on a regular basis. Just to clue you in, he plays safety, as in last man back so you don't get beat for a big play.

Realizing he will not make the game anyway, it is still a snub to other safeties that have had far better seasons.

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