The return of Schottenheimer

He averaged just over 10 wins during his 10 years there, accounting for a .634 percentage that's the best in Chiefs history. His teams registered nine consecutive winning seasons, seven playoff appearances and three AFC West titles.

A 3-7 record during the playoffs and his failure to bring home a Super Bowl trophy kept him from being immortalized.

Kansas City has seen 100 consecutive sellouts, including tomorrow, going back to the start of the 1991 season. On September 1, 1991 in a game with the Atlanta Falcons, the streak of home sell-outs began. Just imagine, back in 1998, 35,000 or fewer fans made it to Arrowhead over the final three home games.

He was in Kansas City last year, during the preseason, as Coach of the Washington Redskins. This week it is for real.

"I would be less than honest to say it'll just be another game, because it's different," Marty Schottenheimer said. "I spent 10 years of my life there. I'm sure it will be emotional."

It started in 1989, and Schottenheimer is the reason for the resurgence of Kansas City football and one of the toughest outdoor stadiums in the league to play in.

"I can remember the whole scenario, and the other people (Peterson) talked with," Vermeil said Wednesday. "The best thing he did was bring in Marty Schottenheimer."

"Nobody in the history of the Kansas City Chiefs has done what Marty did here, and nobody will in the future," Vermeil said. "The only thing they can ever criticize him for is not going to the Super Bowl.

"But believe me, I'd be shocked if he doesn't get a standing ovation coming in here Sunday. They love him here. They should."

"I have nothing but respect for Coach Schottenheimer," defensive end Eric Hicks said. "He gave me my first opportunity as a young, skinny defensive end. He put me on the roster and gave me the opportunity to develop, so I could become a player in the NFL.

"What else can you say about him? He was a great coach, people respected the heck out of him and he won, what, 120 games while he was here."

"We had a great run, and it was a lot of fun," Schottenheimer said. "It's a great football town."

On Sunday there will be little time for reminiscing as the Bolts look to put a foothold on a potential playoff berth, something Schottenheimer is accustomed to. A win this Sunday will put them in good position entering the final week of the season. That in the end is what matters most to Schottenheimer.

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