Inside the Locker Room

The look was gone from their eyes. The Chargers knew they needed to win this game and the way they lost made it that much tougher to accept. It came down to inches, and not making enough plays.

Said Marty Schottenheimer: "You have to make plays."

Tim Dwight put his personal stats aside when talking about the game as nothing mattered but a win:

"We want to win, we came here to win. The playoff race was sitting on the line and we didn't come through. There was a couple plays that was kind of tough for us offensively and defensively and they made more than we did. You start of 6-1 and you just kinda struggle and you just all the work that you do in the offseason and everything it comes down to what 6 inches so it's just frustrating.

"We felt we could move the ball against their defense. Denver did a good job last week and the first time we played them we did pretty well. We felt that we were behind but could still move the football because there were some things we really weren't throwing in there Brees rolling and LT got some open holes. It was just tough at the end of the game, just losing like that."

Dwight did have words of encouragement for Reche Caldwell who fumbled the ball in Kansas City territory with under a minute left in the game.

"I told Reche ‘listen you didn't lose the game for us you try to make a play and things happen like that'."

"It's just frustrating cause everybody in this locker room wanted to win this game and they showed up today and were the spoiler."

Drew Brees then talked about having the ball late in the game and he felt like they left something on the field based on his comments.

"Those are the situations, obviously, you have to thrive on and we've been in many of those situations this year, the overtime games, the last time we played Kansas City we had to drive the distance to score a touchdown. In this case we only had to get down there to get a field goal to win the game. Granted we had no timeouts but after the 15 yard run and that pass completion I think we were gonna be at about their 40. We needed maybe 15 or more yards and we were within field goal range.

"To be so close and then for something like that to happen it rips your heart out."

Brees also talked about taking advantage of those opportunities:

"We can turn it on at anytime. We were a little slow starting out in the first half but when we came out in the third quarter after that initial drive after they threw the 99 yarder we knew we had to turn it on and get some points on the board and we were able to do that."

"Obviously this is a big game because we win this one and the next one, we go to the playoffs. It was a big game any way you want to look at it."

LaDainian Tomlinson talked about the type of game they wanted to play and how it felt after such a loss:

"We just wanted to go out and be aggressive. Playoff football."

"Blown opportunity, disappointed. It's hard." Unfortunately the bid for a win and getting closer to the playoffs fell short. Junior Seau perhaps said it best, "I think we are all speechless with what happened. We had an opportunity and we did not seize the moment."

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