Alls I want for Christmas

Let's face it, year in and year out we make our lists of what we would like for the Holiday season. Some are very real wants, while others may stretch the wallet and the realm of possibilities. With that, we submit our Christmas list for this year.

A playoff berth. We know this is asking a lot given the position the San Diego Chargers have put themselves in. We are willing to sacrifice and take a lower draft pick to get there. We have been shut out of the playoff picture since 1995 and nothing would warm our hearts (minus the constant San Diego sun of course) more than making it to the playoffs and knocking the Raiders out.

Of course the biggest smile you gave us when you brought Deion Sanders out of retirement and when he was placed on waivers by Washington we boldly put in our claim for him to deny the Raiders from getting him (and it worked!).

Keep the Chargers in San Diego. Critical stages are being initiated between the Chargers and the City. They mean so much to the Community and to the fans. Make it possible for an amiable solution that benefits all sides and most of all keeps us fans from spewing angry messages heard throughout the country.

Jamal Williams to be healthy next year. With Williams in the lineup over the last two seasons the team is 11-4. Without him they are a dismal 2-14. Who thinks he deserves a Pro Bowl appearance now?

A drafted receiver to compliment Curtis Conway. We are not talking about the receivers we have now. We need a guy who will command a double team, a true No. 1 guy who will elevate the game of everyone around him. A young man who will blossom with budding star Drew Brees and superstar LaDainian Tomlinson.

A free safety good in pass coverage. We have seen too many big plays happen this year because Rodney Harrison is a much better defender against the run than he is against the pass. Without someone to compliment those skills Harrison is getting beat a lot on pass plays.

Health. Our team has been decimated by injuries. Next year we would like to see our offensive line continues to grow together and play like it did in the first seven weeks of the season. That can only happen if they are healthy. Conway has missed time and currently there is not enough depth to step up and take his place. Give us piece of mind so every Sunday we know we field our best possible team.

Zip on the ball. Drew Brees is young and is still learning. Bless him with the ability to zip a deep ball to his receivers when they clearly have beaten the defender. Give him the ability to not put so much air under the ball and the wisdom to know when he must loft the ball and when he does not have to.

The Big Gift under the Tree:

Peerless Price in blue and gold. Nothing would be finer than seeing John Butler pull another one of his old pals in from Buffalo. This would be the Rolls Royce of gifts to us and we would respond by delivering this team into the playoffs every year. If for some reason Buffalo does not retain his services, let our call be the first and last he hears. Price is young and would be exactly what this team needs to continue its upward spiral.

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