Year one of any coaching regimen is an evaluation period. The hope is that they can lift the players they have to a playoff berth, but when a Coach takes over 5-11 team as Marty Schottenheimer did, the idea is to build for the future and see what cards he has been dealt along the way. Dead weight will be cut.

Everyone is in the mix until the final whistle sounds, whether that is this week or, if by some miracle, weeks down the road. With the monumental task of a playoff berth just a distant shout on the wind, this could be the last game for a number of Chargers.

Quarterback Doug Flutie- He may be the past, but does represent an exciting option off the bench. Considering how many quarterbacks get hurt yearly, he may stick around for another year. He could also be a cap casualty as the team looks to fit different parts in the mix and save money doing so.

Kick returner Ronney Jenkins- If last week was any indication Jenkins will not be back for the Bolts. Jenkins was inactive for last week's game against Kansas City, the second time this year he has been inactive. A year after having a Pro Bowl worthy season he was a non-factor for most of the season, and once the ship had been righted, the Chargers chose to go with Tim Dwight and Reche Caldwell to return punts. He is taking up a valuable roster spot, and will not return.

Cornerback Jerry Wilson- Wilson has not been a factor in any game. His sole contribution was recovering a fumble. He was signed by the Chargers in mid-November and with Tay Cody expected back and healthy for next season, the tryout for Wilson is over.

Safety Vernon Fox- Fox played well in stints but he is not a very good pass coverage safety, something the Chargers need desperately need. As a rookie free agent he made the team and offered some contributions and could be retained as an inexpensive alternative at safety. His lack of height and his poor ability to read coverages could set the wheels in motion for his release.

Running back Terrell Fletcher- He was supposed to be an alternative to LaDainian Tomlinson and was even tried at wide receiver in the preseason. None of that materialized as he was even overtaken by rookie Jesse Chapman as the main backup to LT. Fletcher has barely seen the field, and his days are certainly numbered.

Free safety Rogers Beckett- A year after recording 93 tackles Beckett has been shaky recording just 34 tackles through week 15. He has seen less time in recent weeks as Keith Lyle has replaced him in the lineup. He even talks as if he is already gone. Beckett has been terrible in pass coverage. He continues to get beat deep with regularity and does not fit the scheme that Dale Lindsey plays.

Linebacker Orlando Ruff- A year ago he was the starter, and played well. He does not have the speed to thrive in the new defensive system and was replaced in the starting lineup by rookie Ben Leber. Ruff has just three tackles on the season and has been invisible on special teams, showing the coaching staff he does not have the heart to make it with this team.

Offensive guard Bob Hallen- Hallen has been replaced by Kelvin Garmon in recent weeks and despite Hallen playing well in the first half of the season he will not return as he becomes a part of the numbers game. Hudson Houck prefers a younger line that will grow together and the veteran Hallen is not part of that equation.

Kicker Steve Christie- The Chargers are looking for some value at kicker. Christie has done his job, but it has not been nearly enough. With Christie in unrestricted status the Bolts will look to fill the kicker spot with one person who can kick field goals and kickoffs consistently, something they have been searching for all year.

Offensive tackle Sammy Williams- Williams is an unrestricted free agent and his services will not e retained. He has not provided the depth the Chargers were looking for at tackle despite some solid play. There are cheaper options available and the Chargers will look towards those avenues first but may come back to Williams.

Or Offensive tackle Ed Ellis- Ellis has not had a good season in the offensive line rotation. He has committed far too many penalties, a trait Marty Schottenheimer hates. Likely it will come down between he and Williams and Williams may have the inside track here.

There could be more than what we have offered who play themselves out of the picture. What the Chargers plan to do in the offseason is pure speculation at this point, but there is a three year plan in place, and it starts with player evaluation.

Candidates for a restructured contract:

Wide receiver Tim Dwight- He has the attitude to play, but is nowhere near worth the money he was given. The hope is he will respond amiably to restructure his contract.

Tight end Stephen Alexander- Another big money signee who is not worth the price of admission. With his disappointing stats, he may be asked to restructure. The problem is the Bolts have no better option at tight end, and it does not figure to be a need at the Draft table.

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