The Mock Draft Muncher

The Mock Draft Muncher analyzes the top mock drafts on the web, exposing trends and likely selections in this year's draft. Find out which player has emerged as San Diego's consensus pick and follow all of the Chargers trends. Check it out!

To check out's Mock Draft Muncher, click here.

If you're perusing this site in February, chances are you're the sort of person who enjoys checking out mock drafts.

But who has time to follow them all?  With hundreds of mock drafts all over the web, many of which change several times a week, it's nearly a full-time job just keeping track of them.

With today's tough economic climate, many fans are faced with the tough emotional dilemma of tracking all the mock drafts or retaining their jobs.

Don't let this problem get you down! provides the answer!

We have taken the top mock drafts on the internet and have run them through our almost-patented and occasionally-tolerated Mock Draft Muncher, a sophisticated database and analysis system which mashes, merges and mangles mock drafts into a coherent whole.

CB Antoine Cason
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At one glance, you'll be able to see which players are rising and falling, who mock drafters are saying your team will pick, and what the trends are for each first-round draft slot.

A new feature to, the Muncher has been integrated into Scout's new NFL portal page and features even niftier live charts than in past years. For example, click this link to see what mocks are saying about the San Diego Chargers' first-round selection, indicating that February 13 was the day when Knowshon Moreno pulled ahead of Chris Wells in the eyes of mock drafters as the Chargers pick. You can find trends for each draft slot by clicking here.

Also of interest to fans will be the draft simulation, which goes beyond naming the most popular pick at each slot to eliminate players taken above the selection. While QB Mark Sanchez is the most popular pick for the New York Jets at No. 17, as of this writing, he's also the most popular pick for the San Francisco 49ers at No. 10, so the Jets instead get RB Wells one spot after the Chargers take Moreno.

The Muncher also shows trends for individual players. You can visibly see the jump that players like Aaron Maybin have taken in the draft, or players who seem headed in the opposite direction.

Alongside the new look and improved charts is a different approach to selecting the mock drafts included in the Muncher from previous years. Mock drafts seem subject to a lot of "groupthink" as writers look at other mock drafts and change their picks.

As a result, we're trying to focus on mock draft writers who actually do a lot of first-hand scouting, attend the Senior Bowl and Combine, etc. About half the mock drafts in the muncher fit in this category, and the other half are there because they've been writing mock drafts for a while. We're trying to make the MDM reflect the best original thinking rather than reflecting the mass of the eight billion mock drafts cranked out every year.

We hope you enjoy it!

To check out's Mock Draft Muncher, click here.

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