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Coach Marty Schottenheimer spoke out after the game, addressing the Chargers loss to Seattle in overtime, 31-28. Stephen Alexander and Rodney Harrison also added comments on the poor play in the second half of the season.

"After the start we had, everyone thought we were a lock for the playoffs and getting home field throughout and play for the Super Bowl," tight end Stephen Alexander said. "You still have to go out and play the game. It was a rough second half of the year."

"You have to learn how to win ballgames," strong safety Rodney Harrison said. "Right now, we don't know how to finish games. We don't know how to win ballgames toward the end. You have to be able to do that if you want to be a playoff contender."

Coach Marty Schottenheimer

On the mounting losses:

"They are all disappointing when you lose. This one is fresh, the wound is open. That lingers. The last one always does, I can't lie to you. You look at opportunities, but then what happens is you sit-down after you have a chance to reflect on it and you get the emotion out of it and you have an opportunity to evaluate things, I think that far more clearly and obviously we have work to do.

"8-8 to me is below what we are capable of doing and I am responsible for that. We need to learn how to win and we haven't done that yet.

"We are extremely disappointed not only in the outcome of this contest but what's taken place over the last half a season and what I told our football team was this, ‘the biggest disappointment that I have is that we still have not learned how to win'."

On whether it was a lack of preparation:

"I think it's important to note that this is not a matter of lack of effort or preparation on their part they are giving us that, but somehow you have to reach a point that which you understand that you are going to find a way to win a football game. You are gonna overcome errors you are gonna make plays and then when the opportunity presents itself for you to be able to close the deal you close the deal and I think it is quite obvious that we are not at that point yet. That's the disappointment that we all experience right now."

"Got to coach better, gotta play better. You gotta pay attention to all the little details and when you do that the execution takes place in a favorable way on the whole. You know the other guy is gonna beat you sometimes but the bottom line in this league is all you gotta do is win a small majority of the plays and if you do that you can win.

"I had frankly thought we had turned the corner.

I had frankly thought we had turned the corner, we're coming back winning overtime games against quality people like the 49ers, but we haven't done that."

On the Chargers being out of the playoffs before kickoff:

"We didn't talk about it at all; I didn't see the conclusion of it. It had no effect. We went out and we played hard. We battled our way back from a 7-0 deficit to 14 point lead. A 14 point lead, with 8 minutes (to go in the game) and it's too hard to get a 14 point lead and give it up."

400 yard passing game against:

"Like everything else, unfortunately, we now have got the opportunity to sit back and evaluate it, analyze it and then we can draw some substantive conclusions from it. I can't stand here in the emotion of this disappointment and be able to…the numbers speak very clearly, very clearly."

Not much of LaDainian Tomlinson in the game:

"They are much improved against the run. We saw the opportunity to move the ball throwing it against them and I think we proved that to be the case. We missed a few throws but I thought by and large our quarterback and receiving core did a good job. The other part of it was we lose two thirds of the core of our offensive line with Fonoti going down and Ball going down and quite frankly it is easier to pass protect than it is to run block."

On Toniu Fonoti's injury:

"I haven't talked to them yet, I am not sure at this point." On not stopping the clock before half:

"It was fourth and five and the opportunity in my view was to take one more shot and if you fail to make it you go ahead and walk off at halftime. Had we gone for it and failed to make it then with such good field position it might have afforded them the opportunity to take a shot at a score."

On the defense:

"The defense early on, well after the first drive, kinda settled down, we played reasonably well and in the fourth quarter we couldn't stop them."

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