Are you informed?

Are you informed? Do you know what is going on in your City? Do you know what is going on with your Football team? Well if you are not informed then I suggest you get informed.

There are many facts that are being spread through out the media that are not "total" truths. I suggest that you go to this website Chargers Issues read the documents and learn the Truths about what is going on with your City and their big "losses" that they endure from the Chargers.

There are many facts in what the media print, but along with those facts, not all facts are written. For example, how many times have you heard that the city is indebt yearly of 10 million dollars? Did you also know that once the Padres move into their new stadium that debt will drop substantially, that the debt is not all caused by the Chargers like it is made out to be. Don't believe me? Go click on the web site and read their documents of what they discovered. I will give you a little quote from one of the paragraphs Final Document, page 16. It is the small print right under the table of the yearly rent payments of the Chargers and Ticket buy outs of the City.

This is what it says: " If there were going to be a shortfall it would be advantageous for the city to buy tickets to avoid the shortfall rather then leave them unsold for the city gets back 10 percent of the ticket sales as additional rent, plus $2 per ticket as a surcharge." Don't believe me? Go to the website read the document yourself it is right there in black and white. Get informed.

Did you know that the city has only lost money on the ticket guarantee twice since 1997 and that was in 1999 when they lost $400,000 and in 2000 where they lost $1,720,000 dollars other than that the city has been in the black each year. Does not sound like the city is spending the tax payers' money to me. It is in their documents on their web site. Get informed.

Now what does that tell us? It tells me the city is making more money then what they are letting on, tells me the city likes the Chargers being the bad guy, tells me the more negative publicity towards the Chargers means if they move, it is the Chargers fault and not the Cities.

Let's look at the Chargers now, are they angels? Far from it, They have raised the parking and the ticket prices ever year almost since the "Deal" was done, we now pay 59 dollars a ticket and 10 dollars for parking, that is 70 dollars just to get to see a game, not to mention what you pay for beer, hot dogs, Jerseys, and what ever else your heart desires. The Chargers should of renegotiated the deal a long time ago instead of letting it get this far, if they would of renegotiated when the city first went to them, they would not be having the problems they are having now. If they want to endure themselves to the fans, go the Atlanta Falcons way, lower the ticket prices, lower the parking, give the fans something to believe in and they will.

Let's Face it, I am huge Charger fan (hence my name) but come on, the Chargers have not put a winning product on the field till this year and they have only won 2 of the last 8 games to put them at 8-7 and that is after starting out 6-1 and setting fans up for the hopes of finally making it to the playoffs. All this did is set bad feelings off even more against the team and the fans. Is that fair? No, but most fans only hear about the bad that is going on not the good, they are misinformed, and being misinformed makes it harder for people to listen.

The Chargers are not a PR juggernaut we all know that, they have more bad publicity then they do well. How many of you know of the Chargers Champion program "With a $3 million commitment countywide, the primary focus of Chargers Champions is to identify and honor those 'making the difference' in their communities and people's lives." They commit $3 million dollars. They honor each student with a $7,500 scholastic scholarship and a laptop computer. The Educators each get a $2,500 stipend and a laptop computer. And the Schools get an $11,000 grant for books and leadership development.

Then there is the annual Blood drive that many of us participate in. Did you know that for 23 years now the Chargers Blood drive has been the largest single location blood drive in the nation and has collected over 36,000 pints of blood for those in need.

These are just a few things that the Chargers do that they don't brag about and don't highly publicize even though it greatly helps this community. Get informed; learn what your local Football Franchise does for your community. You will find out that if you lose them, you lose a lot. Not only do you lose over 30 years of history you also lose over 30 years of support.

Before you decide the Spanos's are greedy, that this city does not need this team, that you would and your family and anyone in this city would be better off with out this team. I suggest you get informed and learn for yourself that if we lose the Chargers we lose a lot.

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