Petition of Concern

You know I have never been big on politics. Never thought they concerned me. I mean would my vote really count if I wanted a new President or does Big Business and Political agenda have the last word. Does my vote on a new stadium really matter or would the city find a way to get it built anyway. These questions I had and more, I really could not care less about politics… until now.

I joined together with a few friends about a month ago and started a petition drive to save the San Diego Chargers and keep them in San Diego. Is it a petition to build a new stadium? No, is it a petition that would cost the taxpayers of this city money? No, It is a petition for the City and the Chargers to begin to talk again, not to wait till January or March or whenever. We know as citizens of this fair city that nothing will get done without dialogue.

Right now the City is refusing to talk to the Chargers. Back in late November, early December, in the heat of the argument between the city and the San Diego Chargers, bad blood and heated words were exchanged none more harsh then the Words of councilwoman Donna Frye " Spanos was motivated by ‘greed and testosterone' to the detriment of the public good." She went on to say, "They're taking up way too much of my time on whether or not we're going to give Alex Spanos a stadium."

Hmmm, this woman speaks for us citizens and she has just put nails in the Coffin of the Chargers remaining in this city with those words. She since has eased up on what she had said stating, "All that did was continue the policy that nine (council) members established in June," City Councilwoman Donna Frye said, referring to the establishment of the 15-member task force.

Lets talk about this task force. Not one of them is just an ordinary Citizen, you have the one and Only Bruce Henderson who could not make it in the City council so he now makes a living suing any and every sports Franchise that tries to get something done in this City. He held up the building of the Padres new ball bark for months with his erroneous and bogus lawsuits until finally the court got tired of it and said no more. You have the Leader of the taxpayers association, everyone of them voted in by the city council man/woman not one of them an ordinary citizen with an ordinary 9-5 job like you or I, and these are the people who are going to make the decision on 30 years of history in San Diego going 150 miles north to LA and leaving San Diego with only one professional sports franchise, but for how long??

Our very own Denis Savage petitioned the mayor to include himself as a member of the Task Force. A "citizen", yet he did not receive a single response back from the mayor's office.

Denis bluntly stated, "Seems to me when I need a project done, I surround myself with my friends who have the same views in mind. I kind of get the feeling that is how this 15 member panel was put together, with the exception of Bruce Henderson who would have cried wolf had he been excluded."

So the petition was born in a forum online at, in the Chargers section, amongst the hundreds of people who log online nightly to chat amongst one another about their team, that love the Chargers and want them to stay and it took flight.

A website was born thanks to Tricia Abare, where it holds everything from Chargers task force meetings, to what the website members are doing to keep the Chargers in San Diego. It has links to any and all information you need to get informed and brought up to pace on the current situation, plus it has an online petition that you can sign if you wish to put your name on it and be heard. Currently it has 567 signatures.

We are planning "Flyer Drives" to go to malls and shopping centers to hand out fliers to go to the website and sign the petition. We recently attended the Seattle Seahawks game where we walked the Parking lot and got 100's of signatures from ordinary citizens that have nothing to do with politics that want their Chargers to stay. Who knows if we will make a difference? Will we be the voice or reason amongst all the politicking going on? You never know.

I never wanted to be involved in politics, I use to think those people that held petition drives were weirdo's and goof balls, then something came along that could be a detriment to how I spend my weekends 5 months out of the year, something I believed in so passionately, and these people did not seem so weird any more. I understood what and why they stood on those corners with the clipboards asking for me to sign. Sometimes the only way as a citizen to get yourself heard is to stand up and speak loudly and that one piece of paper that has 25 signatures then turns into 50, then a 100 and then a 1000 and you are no longer alone, your are no longer ONE Voice of reason you are a 1000 voices of reason.

So I walked in the cold to people I never met before clipboard in hand asking them if they would like to sign the petition. 90 percent of the people signed it with no hesitation, the other 10 percent wanted to wait till march to see what the task force says or did not want to sign because they did not want to pay for a new stadium.

Makes you wonder, they go to the games and enjoy the time away, but yet they are not willing to keep it. I now know why those people stood there in the wind, in the rain, in the 100-degree weather. They believed in something so strong that wanted to be heard. That is all we want, We want to be heard, Go to and let the city know you want your Chargers to stay in San Diego, let them know that you know they can make a deal, that you want them to start talking again. A petition may only be a piece of paper but it can speak volumes when it comes to politics.

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