Expert picks for the Super Bowl

The game will be played in San Diego, that much is certain. We poll our staff to see who they think will be in the big game. Wild card weekend is over, and 8 teams remain, shouldn't be too hard for our staff.

Our experts pick the Super Bowl winner after seeing the wild-card round:

Boltaholic: The New York Jets will win; they have the Hot hand right now, a steady and Accurate QB, a good running game and a solid Defense. I also like them because I think Herman Edwards has them fired up and believing that they can win it all.

Chargers Insider: The Philadelphia Eagles will win; they have the great defense that wins Championships and Coach Andy Reid has proven he can win without Donovan McNabb, scary.

Electric Bolt: The Tennessee Titans will win it all. They are being discounted despite winning 10 of the last 11! They are the true underdog here as everyone is talking about the other teams, which I don't quite understand. A suffocating defense and Steve McNair, ‘nuff said.

JR: The NY Jets are evoking memories of destiny. 41-0! WOW, is all I can say. Look out Raiders, and as a Chargers fan, hoping any team facing Oakland will win; the Jets are on such a roll beating solid teams for the past three weeks. Chad Pennington is already evoking memories of Joe Montana; he may be that good in time and the Jets have the best special teams of the remaining teams, an under-valued quality.

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