The Quick Fix

The Quick Fix, all teams are looking for them, in this day of Free Agency, the Quick Fix is potentially out there, the problem is, the Quick Fix is not always the right fix, it could be a significant cost against a team on their Salary Cap and the Potential Player might not pan out and not only does the team lose that spot on the roster, they lose that salary they paid and again it is a hit against their salary cap for next year.

With that said, I have done searching for the potential Quick Fix for the Chargers and at 4 crucial positions that the Charger really need to up Grade; Kicker, Wide Receiver, Safety/DB and Defensive Tackle/End. I have chosen 3 players to focus on at each position.


John Carney is the all time leading Kicker for the San Diego Chargers, he left not under bad blood but under a rash of fan criticism, The Beloved Carney later signed with the New Orleans Saints where he has been a stand out for the last 2 years He has made 29-33 field goals for a total of 124 points Second only to David Akers in the league. He has a Field goal percentage rating of 87.9.

Mike Hollis is 3rd in the AFC in kicking and 9th in the NFL; He kicked for the Jacksonville Jaguars for his first 7 years in the NFL, and signed a one year Contract to kick for the Buffalo Bills this year. He has made 23-31 attempts for a total of 106 points and has a kicker rating of 74.2 for this year.

Jason Elam is the Best kicker in Denver Broncos history and holds several Broncos kicking Records and is tied for the League record of 63 yards for the longest Field Goal. He has kicked all 10 years of his Career for the Broncos he has made 23-33 field goals for a total of 107 points, he only has a 69.1 average which is the lowest of his career and do to a stormy relationship with Mike Shanahan it is unlikely he would resign with the Broncos.

Of the 3 kickers, Elam would be the kicker asking for the most money and also the one most likely not to resign with their Current team. He would love to stay in the AFC to kick in the thin air of Denver and to most likely kick it down Shanahan's throat (no pun intended). So Elam is the most likely candidate to be in a Chargers Uniform next year.

Wide Receiver

When it comes to Wide Receivers there are going to be many good receivers but only a few with the potential to be a starter for this Charger team that Marty Schottenheimer and John Butler would depend on, The 3 I looked at most are these:

David Boston, I think is the best Chance the Chargers have at getting a great Wide Receiver with soft hands good break away speed and big play potential. Boston only played in 8 games this year but was well on his way to another 1000-yard season, in 8 games he had 32 receptions for 512 yards with an average of 16.0 yards a catch. Boston could be the "Big Catch" for the Chargers this year if the price is right and he stays out of trouble. He is currently out on injured reserve.

Peerless Price, This kid has nothing but potential, I find it hard to believe that Buffalo will not throw the Franchise tag on him, but if they don't the Chargers would be hard pressed to go after him, but I find it unlikely for him to come to a team that is Run first, Pass second. Washington, Tampa, or other Pass oriented teams are more to his liking, but you never know, Butler Drafted him and gave him his shot and his loyalties might lie with his old GM. Price has played in all 15 games so far this year for the Bills, he is second To Eric Moulds on the team in receptions and yards and the Teams #2 receiver. He is also one of QB Drew Bledsoe's favorite targets as he has 89 Catches for 1,195 yards with an average of 13.4 yards a catch. We will have to see where his Loyalties lie, but if the Chargers have a chance I would take him.

Tim Brown, now I know Tim Brown is not a Free Agent this year, but he could be a Salary Cap Casualty of the Raiders now that Gannon has a new favorite target in Jerry Rice and the emergence of Jerry Porter. Brown is the second best receiver in the NFL today after Rice. He has had 7 straight 1,000 yard seasons till this year but 101 yards on Saturday against KC could make it 8. He would be an interesting pick up if he does not go to Denver. He would most likely look at any offers from San Diego since his family lives in LA and if the price is right he just might stay. Brown has 79 catches for 899 yards with an average of 11.4 yards a catch. If the Chargers had a shot at getting Tim Brown they would be stupid not to, with his conditioning at 36 he still has another good if not great 4 years left in him and would be a Quality player for the younger receivers on this team to learn from.

Free Safety/Cornerback

Free Safety has been the weak link on this team this year. Keith Lyle has filled in well after taking over for Rogers Beckett but this team needs a safety with sure hands and that is a hard hitter. This team also needs another good Cornerback to play the nickel position. Here are the 3 Db's and Safety's I am looking at:

Chris McAllister has played his whole career for the Baltimore Ravens. He has only played in 12 games this year and of the 4 years that he has played for the Ravens this has been his least productive. He has one interception and one touchdown this year. McAllister is still young and could use a change of Venue and is a very tough Man-to-Man Corner. He is physical and a good tackler, he would be a good pick up if the Chargers could get him for a good price.

Denard Walker has played his whole 6 year career with 2 teams the Titans and the Broncos he is a very big Corner at 6'1, he also is a physical corner and a sure tackler with good hands and speed. He is rangy and able to cover the bigger/taller receivers. Though he is not the best Corner coming out in free agency he could be the best priced to fit into the Chargers Budget.

Jason Sehorn I know is another who is not on the open free agency market, but could be a salary cap casualty and his purpose actually serves two-fold, he has played in all 15 games this year but mostly as the nickel back, he has 2 interceptions, 1 for a TD, Sehorn has lost a step to cover Wr's Man-to-Man but he is still a sure tackler and very Physical and has played very well in the nickel slot. I think if the Chargers could get him they would be better off switching him to FS where, like Rod Woodson, I think he would revive his career. He is still physical and loves to play the game and is a Marty Schottenheimer and John Butler type of player. He could be had for the right price; is a leader on the field and would be able to exist with the other defensive leaders on this team.

Tebucky Jones is one of the better Safeties that will be on the Market, a natural Free Safety, in 13 games this year he has 1.5 sacks and 1 interception, he is a hard hitter and still has some speed, he is a very physical Safety that can get to the QB also he might be pricey but if the Chargers could get him they would be set at FS for a few more years.

Kwamie Lassiter is the perfect fit for this team if he could be had. He has played his entire 8-year career with the Arizona Cardinals and could be ready for a change of scenery he has played in all 15 games with 2 interceptions; his best season was last season where he had 9 interceptions Lassiter would be the perfect fit for this team and could be a steal, he is Physical and a hard hitter, he has the Mentality of linebacker in a FS body. He would fit in well with Harrison in the Defensive backfield.

Defensive Tackle/End

Russell Davis has played 4 seasons in the NFL, one with the Bears and the last three with the Cardinals. Along with Lassiter, he could be looking for a change of scenery and is showcasing his talents. In 15 games he has 2 sacks, he is a big body that takes on 2 blockers and he is good against the Run. Line him up next to Jamal Williams and we could have the Best Tackle Tandem in the AFC next year. He might be there at the right price for Butler and he is a Butler type of player and not a cancer in the locker room.

Daryl Gardner has played 7 seasons in the NFL, 6 of them for the Miami Dolphins. He has played in 14 games for the Washington Redskins this year with 4 sacks. Gardner might be there for the right price and at 6'6, 295 pounds he is big and fast enough to get through the O-Lineman and get to the QB and to plug up holes to get to stop the Running back. He might be the best Priced DT in free agency.

Gilbert Brown stands at 6'2 339 he has to be the Biggest DT out there, and probably one of the most sought after FA, Brown is able to take on 2 or more blockers freeing up space for his DE's, linebackers and Safeties come up the middle and get to the Quarterback. Brown is also a great run stopper not very often do you see a Running back running over Brown, not very agile he does have some Quickness for his size. He could plug up the Defensive Tackle spot until any rookie the Chargers may sign learns the position in the NFL. The only downside is he is a two down player and tires easily.

Vonnie Holliday has spent his entire career with the Green bay Packers he has only played in 9 games this year but in those 9 games he has 6 sacks and 1 interception, he was off to having his best year, with the emergence of Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla he could be looking at a new team next year, and San Diego could make a good fit. Holliday is fast off the ends, powerful and could be a good compliment to Wiley. He has good speed and is also good against the Run. He is a Butler type of guy.

Brad Scioli is arguably having his best year as an Indianapolis Colt. He has played for them 4 years starting in 13 games this year he has 7 sacks, at 6'3 280 pounds he is quick, mean, tough and physical. He is good against the run and aggressive against the Pass, he could be the John Parrella of Defensive Ends, he might be brought in for a look see and if the Chargers like him they could not lose if they sign him. He would also compliment Wiley and with big Tackles plugging up the middle he could easily turn 7 sacks into 10 or 12.

These are just a few players that I have take a liking for that I feel could be immediate impacts or "The Quick Fix" for the Chargers next year. I truly feel they might be better to go with The Draft to get a Big Physical beast of a Defensive Tackle like Dewayne Robertson out of Kentucky, or a Speedy Physical DE like Jerome McDougle out of Miami. They would be best to get a big time FA O-Lineman and or Wide Receiver. Someone like Boston who could help this team immediately, and they need a new Kicker there is no if's and buts about that. The Quick Fix is not always the Answer, but it could be just what the Doctor ordered for the Chargers in the coming season if we want to make it the Playoffs.

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