Notable, Quotable: Top-10 Offseason Quotes's Samantha Fillerup spent her offseason talking to key members of the football community. From players to coaches to college experts, she has covered the San Diego Chargers from every level. Now, she's opening up her files and sharing her 10 best quotes of the offseason.

English Lessons

"I think there are other pass-rushers that are more accomplished and there are teams that are a little more impressed with than Larry English. In a weak draft, I see him going in the second round, but I'd be surprised if he went in the first." -- PFW Analyst Nolan Nawrocki on his pre-draft assessment of LB Larry English.

"No, you know what, I didn't [have a private visit with the Chargers]. I talked with them at the Senior Bowl and had a good meeting at the Combine, but they didn't come in to work me out and they also didn't bring me in for a visit. I didn't realize that they were going to [pick me]." -- Larry English on being the surprise selection of the Chargers.

"Larry English was underrated coming into the draft because he came from NIU and the MAC. If he had played in a power conference, I'm sure everyone would have had him projected to go in the middle of the first round. I'm sure the Chargers saw what we've seen in Larry over the last four years." --'s Northern Illinois expert Steve Newhouse on San Diego's selection of Larry English.

Coach's Perspective

RB Gartrell Johnson
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"I think he has a tremendous work ethic. That's something you can´t teach or coach. Every time he would take a handoff, I don't care if we were doing an inside-run drill, he was looking to run 80 yards to the end zone. It's the same thing in the weight room. When those workouts were over, he was going to do more. Also, he understands the game of football." -- Colorado State recruting coordinator Greg Peterson on fourth-round pick Gartrell Johnson.

"Kory Sperry can be as good as he wants to be. He is a big, athletic tight end that can run and catch. I can recall maybe a half-dozen catches from his senior year where he ran down the field like a big wide receiver and made some tremendous, athletic catches, yet he comes in a tight end body." -- Peterson on the upside of rookie TE Kory Sperry.

"He's one of those guys that is going to outwork everybody, work harder than everybody else, even though he's probably the most productive player that we've had for a couple of years. He was the guy that we could always count on. He was still going to out work everybody. He's a great solid player, a guy that you want to have on your team. He's going to help you win games." -- West Texas A&M receivers coach Joel Hinton on Charles Martin, who joined the Chargers as an undrafted free agent.

Expert Opinions

"He is really going to have to work on his off-coverage, since he has played almost exclusively in press. The other OSU corner (Keenan Lewis) who was drafted by Pittsburgh is very similar, but [Lewis] looks a lot bigger physically." -- Former NFL scout Tom Marino on fifth-round pick Brandon Hughes.

"I do not think he was underrated. I think he's a guy that clearly had success and showed a certain aptitude for playing O-line in his short stint at the position on the college level. Having said that, I think he can definitely be successful in the league if he can get stronger and more experience on the O-line. He is definitely worthy of a team paying him to stick around and grow." --'s Baylor expert, Steve Brischke, on OT Dan Gay IV, who signed with the Chargers after the draft.

"His father, Dave, who was a football coach, passed away a few weeks into the 2008 season and Ben rallied through that dark time to produce a tremendous season. I should add that I know Coach [Jim] Harbaugh likes Muth a lot." --'s Stanford expert, Jim Rutter, on the perseverance of rookie OL Ben Muth.

"In the NFL, he will have to focus, learn the playbook and be a consistent pass-catcher. At FSU, there would be stretches where he was unstoppable. Other times, he was non-existent. That has to stop. Also, he has to learn to completely use his size as an advantage." --'s Florida State expert, Nate Greer, on the changes WR Greg Carr will have to make to succeed in the NFL.

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