Kranzler's Quotables: Top-10 Rookie Quotes's Michael Kranzler has served up exclusive interviews with 15 Bolts rookies so far this offseason. And now, he's revealing his best quotes from those Q&As. See what the rookies are talking about with training camp just weeks away.

Trench Talk

"I think [the best position for me] is guard. It's really where I've been playing the last few years and it's what I know for sure. [The Chargers are] very active at guard, just combo blocking with the centers and pulling out. This offense has a lot of pull plays here and there, so I think the guard role is best at least right now, but it's wherever they want me to be, wherever they want to work me, I'll learn it and get better at it." -- Fourth-round pick Tyronne Green on the possibility of playing center.

"I think it's a great benefit for me, because for one, my body is fresh compared to some guys who have been playing three to five years longer than I have. I'm a very raw talent and the ceiling is very high for me. I haven't even scratched the surface of my potential being so young and a youngster to the game. Especially only playing three years of offensive line -- the sky is the limit." -- Rookie tackle Dan Gay, who only started playing football as a high school senior, on the benefits of his inexperience.

"I thought we were going to beat the crap out of each other more. They honestly know how to move their hands and know how to block in just helmets. They know how to take care of each others' bodies, which is cool, because that's not always the case at lower levels." -- Undrafted rookie Ryan McDonald on his first Mini Camp.

Pass-Catcher Prerogatives

WR Greg Carr
Kevin C. Cox/Getty

"That really doesn't even bother me. I'm here now, enjoying the opportunity, and I've just got to take advantage of it. I kind of think about it at times, but at the same time, that's just how NFL life is and you've got to take the good with the bad." -- WR Greg Carr on going undrafted despite posting notable numbers at Florida State.

"I think I'm a guy who can just do a lot of hard work for this team. We have a pretty good corps of receivers right now, and Coach [Charlie] Joiner told me that I have a pretty good chance of making the 53-man roster if I just came in and worked hard, and I've been trying to learn a lot of different positions right now so it's looking pretty good for me." -- Rookie wide-out Rodgeriqus Smith on his quest on win a roster spot.

"You know, it was one of those surprises. I knew the tight ends they had and I knew they were deep at tight end; it's just one of those things that you try to go out there and be like an Antonio Gates and just surprise a lot of people. I think I have what it takes to be up there, but it's just one of those things that I'm going to sit there and get to learn. Especially being behind Antonio, getting to learn from him and Brandon [Manumaleauna], it's kind of like a blessing to be able to learn from those guys, top tight ends in the NFL." -- Rookie TE Kory Sperry on being pursued by San Diego.

Defensive Dialogue

"That remains to be seen. But I can bring depth, for sure. I definitely will be making plays." -- Rookie Vaughn Martin on what kind of impact he can make as a rookie.

"Any time you're drafting a player out of college, it's hit-or-miss, and I'm quite sure that they were confident in me in the evaluation process. I would like to think that they saw me as an excellent player on the field, a playmaker, and also a great guy off the field. I think both of those components, as far as my ability to play football and my ability to coexist with the rest of society, I believe those were the two characteristics that landed me my opportunity with the San Diego Chargers." -- Fifth-round pick Brandon Hughes on the reasons the Chargers tabbed him on draft day.

"I think playing inside is a benefit for me. I mean, I like rushing up that edge and everything, but I think if I ever wanted to become one of those guys I would need to put on a little more weight so that I could be a better edge rusher." -- LB James Holt on making the move from outside linebacker to the inside.

"[Jamal Williams] is a great guy. He understands what's going on, understands the situations that people are in. He was helpful. In Mini Camp, he was encouraging, and he's good at what he does. Learning from a player like that is an honor and it's also a pleasure. He's a motivator. He's an all-around person to get to know, on and off the field, so it's a great honor for me to be able to speak with him." -- DL Rashaad Jackson on learning from three-time All Pro Jamal Williams.

Lightning Quicks

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