I am John Butler

Ok, Ok, I am not really John Butler (God Bless him), but I wish that I were. If Only I could be a fly on his wall come April. Well we all know there is no such thing as transformation unless we go to one of these genetic scientists, so I will have to do the next best thing and become Butler through print, and these few minutes (hours, days, months) that I sit here, I will type out my suggestions of who we should pick through 7 rounds.

Who knows maybe I might be close enough to be Butler on draft day, then again I might be like every other draft guru and be totally wrong, that man is the king of personnel and I just hope to be the king of research for these few moments of our time.

There are a lot of different reactions to what we should choose in the draft, some say we should go offense, some defense, we all agree on one thing, we need help. If I were Butler for the day we would choose Defense with our 1st round pick. There are going to be so many good players to go in the first round, but first we need to decide what we need on defense. Do we go Corner, or Defensive Tackle? Here is my Butler assessment:

One of the things that plagued the Chargers all year was the Pass rush, we had no push up the middle and that made it hard for the ends to do anything or get any pressure whatsoever. We need a Beast; most of your good tackles will be gone before we pick at 15. There is one moving up the board that I would like to take.

#1- "With the 15th pick in the first round, the Chargers select... Dewayne Robertson, defensive tackle, Kentucky."

Robertson has quick feet and is very Powerful, he has a great Push up the Middle and is strong against the run, he got to the QB with some regularity and even if he did not get him every time, he threw him out of step.

If by chance and only by chance Marcus Trufant a cornerback from Washington State is still there I would take him. Arguably he is one of the best coming out of College, at 5'10, 185 pounds, the kid has shutdown skills. I would only go for Trufant if I don ‘t see the availability of getting a corner in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. I would then pick up DT Colin Cole of Iowa in the 2nd. Cole has 8 sacks this season and is a beast on that Iowa Defensive line, and he had 16 tackles for loss and 78 total tackles. He was State champion in Wrestling in his senior year in high school and has a strong upper and lower body that have helped make him good against both the pass and the run.

Sticking with the Defense, my next pick would take some thought, there are a lot of players that are dropping and there is a Chance we could get one or two that could make an immediate impact. Me personally, John Butler that is, I would go free safety; we need someone who can step in and play the position the way it needs to be played in the cover-2. A lot of people like Polamalu and Doss, they are both dropping and should be available with our 2nd pick so:

#2- I will take Troy Polamalu, Free Safety, USC. He is a very good FS who had one interception this year and is also versatile enough to play corner. He is a hard hitter and can also play SS if called upon; he is fast and can get to the ball. He is touted as one of the best in the draft and due to a foot and hamstring injury has fallen in the draft, he should be available when we pick.

I bet you cannot guess of what I believe we should pick with our #3 Spot?? Yeap, you got it, Defense! I know a recurring theme. Where is the offense you ask? I think we would be better suited to get an offensive lineman in free agency then in the draft, and since I am Butler for the moment we will continue on with my Defensive theme. We need a cover corner, someone who will be able to sit on a receiver and knock the ball away or intercept it when it comes our way. I know, you do not believe one should be available with our third rounder, but this draft is deep at DB and the #3 spot is a good place to pick one. So:

#3- Kevin Garrett, Defensive Back, Southern Methodist University. Garrett is rated in the Top 100 in the Draft and might move up into the 2nd round, but right now he is projected at #3. He is a shut down corner with speed, he runs a 4.4 40, has the ability to stick to a receiver and Knock the ball away. He is one of those prospects that if the position was not so deep, could have been a high pick.

Well I am going to make some guys happy, I am finally going to go offense, but I don't think it is what most out there would want with our 4th pick but it is a talent that will be available that could come in and help this team right away.

#4- Kaseem Osgood, Wide Receiver, SDSU. Kaseem, along with his Receiving mate JR Tolver, broke two NCAA records this year and was voted all Mountain West; Kaseem is tall at 6'4, 210 pounds. He is fast, has soft hands, and catches just about everything that is thrown his way, if he had played in the Pac 10 or Big East he would have been in the top 5 in Receiving easily. This is a good spot to get him. There is no saying Curtis Conway will be back and Terry Charles might not pan out, and to have a Receiver at that size and who runs a 4.6, 40 is what the Dr. ordered on a team that needs receivers.

This time I am going to stick with offense and go Offensive Tackle, I like Damion McIntosh and Vaughn Parker but there is no promise either of them will be in a Charger Uniform. We could lose McIntosh to Free Agency and Parker to the Salary Cap! Most likely we will retain one but possibly not both, so:

#5- Ed Wilkins, Offensive Tackle, Miami. Wilkins looks like a project but he helped out that line that opened holes for Willis McGahee this year. Basically a reserve the last few years, he had an outstanding showing in the Rose Bowl last year and another good performance in his senior year this year. He could be a prospect for Hudson Houck and be the type of player he wants on his line. He can play both Guard and Tackle and is capable of working his way into the staring line with a good work ethic.

This is the time of the Draft where I normally take a short nap and pop a bunch of aspirin for the headache that I have, but I am Butler today so I cannot do it. We move on, with our 6th pick I will go with:

#6- Dustin Rykert, Offensive Tackle, BYU. This might be a little low for him and he might even be available in the 5th over Wilkins, but Rykert is another project I think that could back up at tackle or guard. I think that Houck could have him and Wilkins in the Starting line by next year and they both would be capable backups for this year.

Well here we go our final pick, whom do I think we can take at #7 that would actually make the team? That is hard, this is the area of the draft that most players dread, and this is where coaches and GM's take the person they feel is the best left at this time of the draft so who would I pick:

#7- Akbar Gbaja-Biamilla, DE/DT, SDSU. This kid could be the sleeper of the draft, he has played both inside and outside on the line, has deceptive speed and power, had 4 sacks and 47 tackles, 13 of them for loss, and he got to play a 5th year because of a torn ACL and had a good year. He was double teamed a lot this year but was still able to move the Pocket and get QBs Running for their lives. He would be a good fit for this team and could learn very quickly under the tutelage of Marcellus Wiley. Not to mention he has a brother who was undrafted, KGB (Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla - Green Bay Packers) and is doing very well in the NFL.

Well that is it, that is my Butler'esque Charger picks, how many will come true? Probably none, but it sure was fun to give it a shot. Who knows maybe someday, somewhere, I might be the next John Butler and someone will write an article wishing to be me on draft day.

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