The Road to San Diego

Oakland in the Super Bowl? No real Charger fan wishes this to be true, and most of all, the business sector. Imagine the windfall of hotels rooms being vacant while Raiders fans hoot all the way up "the 5" and all the way home to their comfortable houses.

Super Bowl XXXVII will hit San Diego on Sunday January 26th. The impact of the game on the community in terms of financial gains is monumental. The success of the game, and the impact it has, could tie into the future of the Chargers in San Diego.

"Pricewaterhouse Coopers conducted an independent study and determined that $125 million of direct spending came into the market, and that translated into $295 million of economic impact," host committee member Ky Snyder said referring to the 1998 Super Bowl in San Diego. Of course that matchup in Super Bowl XXXII put two cold weather teams against each other (Denver and Green Bay), and oh yeah, the quarterbacks weren't too bad (John Elway and Brett Farve).

The truth is the Titans of Tennessee are a better option for San Diego. They would bring in a new wave of visitors who otherwise may never come out to San Diego. Not to mention the return business of said fans down the road. Residual business and certainly some will return to make their homes here.

Another detriment of having Oakland is the perceived attitude of their fan base. What that will do is cut down on the families who will attend the NFL experience, cut down on overall spending as they go home instead of using hotels, and cut down on the overall profitability of hosting the Super Bowl.

"First of all, it doesn't cost us a penny, it comes to us by hosting the game ... Secondly, it creates top-of-mind awareness, so when people are watching the stories about San Diego it'll make them think perhaps about their next vacation and think about San Diego," Sal Giametta, of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

Go Titans.

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