What is going to happen next?

Well the season is over and Super Bowl XXXVII is upon us. This could be the last one ever played in San Diego. Finally, the Spanos' have stepped up to the plate with their Proposal and it was not a bad one, They will pay 200 million of a 400 million proposal which is the most any NFL owner has offered to pay for the building of a new stadium.

They propose the that the city sells approximately 70 acres to the tune of 100 million dollars, and then get the other 100 million from property Taxes and rent, and naming rights to the new Stadium.

Mark Fabiani, special counsel to Chargers President Dean Spanos, himself said, "You don't have to be a genius to realize this is a badly underutilized site," boy is that the Truth, nothing but a Parking lot when the stadium is not in Use and when the Padres leave next year, it will lie dormant all but 5 to 6 months out of the year. What a waste of space if you ask me.

What will happen next, now that the Chargers drew the first string, what will the city council do? If they were smart they would sit down and discuss a deal, everyone knows they wont accept the first deal, Hell I would not accept the first deal and I am not even on the council. There are a lot of things that still need to be discussed. Who pays the overruns, parking; drive space in and out of the stadium, all kinds of things.

One of the major things that needs to be discussed is what happens with the bonds that are already taken out on the Q, does the City just eat those funds? I think not, I think the Chargers should show good Faith and help pay those bonds if they expect the City and the Citizens to help build a new stadium, Oh, I know that is a lot of money, they are saying that 95 million is due on the Bonds so that would make it to where the Chargers Pay 245 million (they claim the NFL will pony up 50 million). You know what, for the amount of money the team can make off a new stadium and for the pure fact they want to endear themselves to their fans, they should do it.

There are 2 things I hate most about this deal and none of it has to do with the Chargers, one is the possibility of losing the Super Bowls, and the Lawyers. Lawyers like Michael Aguirre and Bruce Henderson that would ruin a dream of Pamela Anderson feeding grapes to you in a thong Bikini if they thought it would get them in the paper. Aguirre is quoted as saying "Where it comes from doesn't change the character of the money. It's still public funds," The idea that it's going to come from some kind of magic development and all that, that's all what-if's and speculative.

"It sounds to me that the Chargers have been sandbagging the city. They didn't need to wait until Jan. 16 to say, 'We'll pay $200 million and razzle-dazzle you with where the rest of the money will come from.'"

Phooey, if any thing is sandbagging or speculative it is Aguirre's way of thinking. He has sued everyone and their Mother that has anything do with one of the Major sports Franchises in this City since the Padres won the vote for a new stadium, and finally a judge got tired of that and found his lawsuits to be erroneous. Anything to get his name in the Paper. Does he try any real cases or does his Law firm just wait for sports teams to make announcements? I hate to say it but even if the council smartens up and plays it cool and votes to talk about a new stadium, this guy will keep the city and the Chargers in Lawsuits until forever.

The other thing I will miss is the Super Bowl if they decide not to build a new stadium. There are a lot of memories in San Diego from Previous Super Bowls like 1988 Super Bowl XXII, Washington Redskins vs. Denver Broncos, the game was dominated by a Black Quarterback, the first to ever play in the game, with heart and Grit named Doug Williams, he was the game MVP throwing for 4 TD's, one of the most memorable Super Bowls ever, Washington Rookie Running Back Tim Smith ran for a Super Bowl Record 204 yards on 22 carries. Washington's 6 Touchdowns and 602 yards were also Super Bowl Records.

Another Memorable Super Bowl, Was Super Bowl XXXII, Denver Broncos VS. Green Bay Packers, John Elway against Brett Farve, old man against the young gun, and it was a battle, "TD" Terrell Davis lived up to his nickname rushing for a Super Bowl record 3 touchdowns. He also rushed for 157 yards that day. Elway was only 12-22 passing for 123 yards and 1 interception, but they won the game. One of the greatest 4th quarter's ever, 3:27 left and the score tied 24-24, the Broncos have the ball, Davis took the hand off for only 2 yards on the first play, but a flag was thrown and Green Bay's Darrius Holland was given a 15 yard face mask penalty that put the Broncos at the 32 yard line of the Packers. Two short plays later, Elway hits a wide open Howard Griffith for a 23 yard gain. After a Denver penalty, TD stuck the nail in the Coffin by running the ball in from 17 yards out. Farve tried to bring his team back, but with 32 seconds to play a pass to Mark Chmura was knocked away by John Mobley securing the Broncos first Super Bow Victory.

Wow just thinking about those days brings back the memories of excitement in this City. Hotels packed, Camera men and news trucks every where, Tourists from visiting teams cities here spending money to see their team play, buying souvenirs, enjoying the beaches, money flowing freely. I hate the thought that this town might lose this to some politicians who do not see the financial windfall they will create. No more Chargers means no chance of being one of the teams that are up for the Super Bowl five City rotation. The NFL loves holding the Super Bowls in this city, but not at the Q. They have said that the City of San Diego is one of the 5 cities it would like to hold the Super Bowl in which means every 5 years the Chargers will get 100's of millions of dollars in revenue from what a Super Bowl brings to this town.

The Chargers know they need to put a winner on the field for this town to back them, and lets face it the Spanos' have not been Public juggernauts, but they and the city could be a match if the right deal is struck, This city needs the NFL, if not for the games it brings on Sunday's, it needs it for the Super Bowls and the potential Amounts of Money it can bring if San Diego is one of the 5 cities in the Rotation. I am not a city councilman, heck I live in the county and my vote does not even count to keep the stadium, which really sucks since my money contributes to keeping it going. I just hope they make the right decision and that one day soon we are not the ones saying what is next as the moving vans head away from this city forever.

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