Inside Scouting Report: DL Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson arrives in San Diego with oodles of talent and a handful of questions. Can he fulfill his potential in a 3-4 defense? Does he have what it takes to pressure the quarterback? To get the answers to these questions and more, we check with Charlie Bernstein of

Charlie Bernstein is the editor-in-chief of and an expert on all things Houston Texans. After San Diego's trade to land fifth-year vet Travis Johnson, reached out to Bernstein for the low-down on the latest player to don lightning bolts.

How does Johnson fit into the 3-4 defense? What about San Diego's plan to play him at defensive end on running downs and at nose tackle during passing situations? And weren't there some rumblings about Johnson's character? Here's what Bernstein has to say on the matter.
"Travis Johnson is a guy who likely wouldn't have been on the [Texans] this long if not for his first-round draft status. Johnson was a guy who the team expected to be an impact player and he just never was. Johnson was never strong or quick enough to put pressure on the passer from his defensive tackle position, and he didn't really suck up many blocks either.

I truly believe that he can be a much better player as a 3-4 end as he can hold up against the run in that type of situation. I wouldn't expect much of a pass rush from him playing nose.

As for his character, he wasn't a me-first type of guy, but his toughness was questioned by his coach earlier this season, making it nearly a lock that he wouldn't be with the team.

Considering the compensation that the Chargers gave up, it's a very good gamble. Johnson has first-round pedigree and was possibly playing in the wrong defense his entire career. If he's going to be successful anywhere, it will be in San Diego as he's surrounded by a great nose tackle in Jamal Williams, and some great pass rushers."

Charlie Bernstein is the host of CB Sports on ESPN Radio 1420 in St. Augustine and Editor-in-Chief of Sports Media Interactive, covering multiple teams in the National Football League, NCAA and National Basketball Association. Charlie is a regular syndicated contributor to FoxSports and Sirius NFL Radio and has been featured on the NFL Network. Charlie is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

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