Dear Mr. Tagliabue

An open letter to Paul Tagliabue from Chargers Update senior writer Tom Criswell on the potential effects of his speech during his annual "State of the NFL Address".

Dear Mr. Tagliabue,

As a long time Charger fan and supporter, I would like to thank you for single handedly , with your comments yesterday, putting the chances of this team ever getting a stadium deal and staying in San Diego in jeopardy. I believe your harsh statements were some of the dumbest I have heard from someone in your position in my life, and I can say that, no one pays me for my thoughts I give them at will. I do not have to suck up to the Chargers organization or the NFL. I don't assume I will ever get an invite to the Charger Compound no matter how many articles I write backing them or how many times I say something nice about them, which is fine, but I love my team and wish them to stay and when someone makes statements like you, I then have a right to voice my Opinion.

I would like to thank you for making the Citizens of this city, not just the Fans, alienate the Charger organization even more. This City opened it's doors to the NFL this weekend to put on this spectacular known as the Super Bowl only to receive comments like these from you and I Quote, "I'm surprised we're here this week," why is this a surprise? We have hosted 2 other Super Bowls and every time, it has been one of the best, each year we have the Holiday bowl, and each year the games are some of the best of all the Bowl games. This City, is a city, tourists love to come visit, do you think Tourist will love to go To Detroit in the dead of Winter when they can come to Sunny San Diego and soak up the sun sitting on the beach working on their tan and enjoying the delights of this fine city?

Do you think Tourists are going to enjoy going to Houston more then they will San Diego? Do you believe they will enjoy Jacksonville more then they will enjoy San Diego?? Maybe Miami but not Jacksonville, I know I used to live there. I am not putting down any of those fine Cities but San Diego is a place that People love to come to, they love the atmosphere, they love the Fact that in the heart of Winter they are playing in 75 degree Weather, They don't have to duck Tornados, Blizzards and Hurricanes, the closest Distraction we have is the Smog of LA or the hustle and bustle of Tijuana. To say that this city will not get another Super Bowl with out a new stadium and in the same breath say you would give one to a renovated Rose Bowl that is in worse condition then the Q is preposterous.

I am not a big backer of Donna Frye, in fact I don't like the woman period, but I have to agree with her statements regarding what you had to say, "I take it as a threat and I'm extremely insulted," she said. "This city has rolled out the red carpet, people's lives have been disrupted, and this is the thanks they give us – to insult us and to threaten us." As a citizen of this fine city, I take that as a threat also, As a businessman you are not too smart, does it not adhere to you to think maybe showing kindness, and being thankful we put this Super Bowl on might not bring the Citizens and The Fans of the Chargers a little closer to the team? Does it not enter your Mind that yes there are 32 teams and yes we love having the Super Bowl here but it is not a necessity for us to survive for it to be here? It is just as advantageous to the NFL as it is for this city to throw the Super Bowl.

If I were Mr. Spanos I would be pretty PO'ed at you right about now for even making those comments. You just made it that much harder for them to get the deal done. Do you want the Chargers out of San Diego and in LA? Have you looked at the Polls about the Chargers moving to LA, you know the Polls in the LA Times and TV stations, The Citizens of LA do not want the Chargers. They want their own Team with it's own Identity, They do not want to renovate the Coliseum and trying to put one in the Rose Bowl is even Worse. Not smart business to put down the city that is hosting your Sports #1 event.

One more statement Mrs. Frye made that I agree with were when she said your comments were, "an insult to the hospitality of the good citizens of San Diego, and I think he should apologize," once again she is correct, they were an insult and one step further they were ludicrous. I think maybe the NFL needs someone who has a little more business sense to run it, because any one in their right minds know to get what you want you do not insult the hand you want to give it to you.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Criswell

Tom Criswell (aka Boltaholic) can be reached at: Boltaholic

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