Chargers Unrestricted Free Agent: David Binn

The Chargers staff of writers will take look into the future and give the prospectus on the Chargers own free agents returning to the team for 2003. Locking up some of these guys is more vital than some can possibly imagine. First up is long snapper David Binn.

David Binn:

Will he return to the Chargers for 2003 and perhaps beyond? Binn is a nine-year veteran who has helped Darren Bennett become a Pro Bowler. Bennett flew him out to Hawaii in 2000 for the Pro Bowl as a tribute to helping him succeed. He has been with the team since 1994 during which time he has missed just one game to injury.

Tom Criswell's take:

David Binn is a must resign, there are many teams looking for a quality Long Snapper and after I saw what happen to the Giants against the 49ers in the NFC wild card game and the Bucs during the Super Bowl, it makes signing Binn even that more important. I think he will resign with the Chargers, he is used to Darren Bennett who not only is the holder on FGs, he is also the punter and they have a very good camaraderie.

The only way that the Chargers do not sign Binn is if he is signed somewhere else, if they were smart they would sign him now and not wait, if he signs with another team the only back up they have is Zeke Moreno who is also the backup to Junior Seau and his talents are to good to waste. Binn is also a great Special Teamer in other ways and is important to this team.

90% chance to resign.

Dr. Jay's Take:

It's hard to measure the importance of a long snapper, but as the Giants showed the world, you can't just sign anyone off the street one week and except him to be effective the next. I'd like to see Binn resigned even though it wouldn't draw much attention to the success of the team. But then of course, if Binn does draw some attention, then he hasn't done his job.

80-90% chance to return.

Denis Savage's take:

The most unheralded position in the NFL, there is no glory attached to a Long Snapper, in fact the only time we hear their names is when they do something bad ala Trey Junkin who was the Giants fifth long snapper since preseason started in 2002.

One team that has realized this importance is the New York Jets who signed James Dearth, their long snapper, to an eight year deal prior to the 2002 season. The total in terms of money is $5.24 million. The Chargers need to be just as proactive in signing Binn. He has been a solid snapper for the Chargers and in fact none of the faults of special teams fell on his shoulders from poor snaps, there was just missed assignments by the blockers. He will be back for the Bolts, there are no other promising options out there, and are the Chargers willing to take that chance?

100%, he will return.

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