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Well, now this is something else! I've received quite a few messages in my e-mail (and appreciated every one of them, good and bad) but since I didn't get a chance to answer all of them, so here we are, the inaugural Dr. J's Mailbox! If you write, I will answer right here every so often as I get messages.

Believe it or not, I owe this column to many of you Raider fans! So many of you came in to rip me as I picked the Buccaneers over the Raiders. So thanks Raider fans for giving me so much fodder for my column.

Jeffery Park writes:

The Raiders are a phenomenal team and even though I can't stand what Al Davis does at times he has been a driving force in football since before NFL stood for anything. As for (sp) Romonowski, I have never heard these allegations of drug dealing and would love to see you provide me some sort of reference. Regardless, isn't this America? Isn't the rule "Innocent until proven guilty"? Or have you forgotten that important factor? Or are you just fresh of the boat and not familiar with the way our Bill of Rights?

Well Jeff, I'd point you in the direction of the Denver Post or any major newspaper or network that spoke of how Bill Romanowski and his wife were charged with forging prescriptions for diet pills. Neither went to jail, but both were charged. Need I remind you of how he was also accused with dropping the "N" bomb on several players during the games and in private? Of course, with your last line, I suppose that you readily excused that little bit of racism.

Mike in Oakland writes:

You are an idiot. The Buccaneers defense is overrated and the Raiders should be able to pass the ball easily over them. Yeah, yeah, defense wins championships but Tampa's never seen this offense.

Thanks Mike, but as it was shown, the Bucs defense had seen the Raiders' offense before, all throughout practice. And defense still wins championships. The seven #1 ranked defenses that played in the Super Bowl are a combined 7-0.

Kevin in Tampa writes:

Being from Tampa, I appreciate your Super Bowl pick. However, if you are going to root for the "red and gold" you may have to go to a different game.

Sorry about that Kevin. I guess it's "pewter and red". Or what is that maroon? It's not fuchsia, right?

James in San Diego writes:

Great work on your column. Do you think Tampa will repeat as champs or is this a one and done for them?

Thanks James, I think Tampa has a very good chance of repeating since that defense is just spectacular. But I will have to wait and see what happens in the draft and with free agency. I know that "Chuckie" Gruden is already hard at work at improving this team offensively.

Scott in Des Moines writes:

I guess you were right about the Raiders. Nice work. You think the salary cap woes regarding the Raiders will hurt them or can they overcome?

Various reports say that the Raiders are anywhere from $30M to $48M over the cap. I don't know which team the Raiders will resemble most after their cost cutting ways: The Jets, who relied on their youth and played well. The Ravens, who had just enough youth to stay competitive but really felt the affects of losing all those players. Or the Jaguars, that just simply fell off the map competitively. My guess is that the Raiders will look more like the Ravens. There's simply too much that will be lost on this team and even those vets that stay will be another year older. Their window of opportunity was three years at the most and last season was year three.

And finally, Terry in San Diego writes:

You've got some good insights, but this is a Chargers' website. Why don't you write about the Chargers?

Well, Terry, that's the breaks of being a Charger fan. There's no football for us in January…

Thanks to all writing in, please feel free to drop me a line regarding any matter, and your comments could be the next ones published. Dr. J can be reached at: Dr. J

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