Chargers Unrestricted Free Agent: Steve Christie

Kicker is a huge problem for the San Diego Chargers. Nothing against Steve Christie who is set to become an unrestricted free agent on March 1st, but this is an area the Chargers desperately need to improve upon. Our writers at Chargers Update take a look at the potential of resigning Christie as insurance.

Unrestricted free agent Steve Christie:

Tom Criswell's Take:

Steve Christie will not resign with the Chargers; he is out of gas, has a hard time making them between 35 and 40 yards and is no good at all beyond 50. His kickoffs are at least 5 to 10 yards short of the end zone and his kicks do not have enough hang time to give his Players a chance to get down around the returners consistently. No way do I think he will be back next year.

The only way he would be back is if they could not find someone better in FA or the Draft. If he somehow gets on Shottenheimers good side and works on his leg strength and proves he can make a kick past 30 yards he might make it back on the team, but at his age I doubt that is possible and I find it hard to believe that they cannot find someone, anyone!

I give Christie a 0% chance of resigning with the Chargers.

Dr. J's Take:

Not a chance. Christie's accuracy was the reason that he was brought in. A few misses later, you have a kicker with no leg strength and he can't kick straight. Otherwise, he's great!

There are plenty of options to look at via the draft or free agency or by trade. Paul Edinger of the Bears and Mike Vanderjagt (he of the drunken blast) are some names being thrown around. Hell, why don't the Chargers look in the Indoor Soccer Leagues for a guy who can kick? Anyone here know how to kick the ball?

Denis Savage's Take:

I think this question is a joke, or maybe a trick question. Sure Christie has experience, sure he has history, but that is what his career amounts to now… history, as in he will not return. I don't deny he has some heart still but the leg he once had fails him routinely now.

The biggest problem is the team's frame of mind. What other team in the league can get down to the opponents 30 yard line routinely and punt. That alone gives the offense the feeling they need to score, and cannot settle for a field goal they will likely miss. Plenty of options will be available via free agency including another Bills player, Mike Hollis. I don't expect the position to be filled via the Draft as another potential head case could be the result. A proven commodity is what is necessary after two years of terrible kicking.

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