Unrestricted Free Agent: Orlando Ruff

From starter in 2001 to backup in 2002, Orlando Ruff may see better opportunities somewhere else, but the grass is not always greener and the staff at Chargers Update weighs in with their thoughts on Ruff re-signing with the San Diego Chargers.

Tom Criswell's Take:

Orlando Ruff was the starting Middle linebacker till this year when the Chargers moved him to back up behind Donnie Edwards. He took the move with no complaints and became the best on Special teams that this team had this year along with Carlos Polk. The Chargers should sign him because they need the depth and experience at Linebacker. They only have Polk who has not started a game and Zeke Moreno who started 4 games last year and 1 the year before, but Moreno is Junior Seau's backup and his heir-apparent. They need that veteran experience that Ruff brings.

Ruff won't resign with the Chargers if he finds another team where he can start. I do not see Ruff as a starter and was never happy when he was, I think he would work good coming in having to spell someone or in a tandem situation. He is good against the run, but not quick enough for the Pass. Last year he was hardly used, but the Year before he missed a lot of reads. If the Chargers do not want Ruff they can pick up an adequate back up in FA.

I give Ruff a 20 percent chance of re-signing with the Chargers.

Dr. J's Take: A backup and a monster on special teams, Ruff is a very good player that probably needs another place to flourish and grow. With Ben Leber and Donnie Edwards set at the outside LB positions and Zeke Moreno ready to replace Junior Seau, Ruff may find himself on the outside looking in.

35% chance of re-signing.

Denis Savage's Take:

Ruff did take his benching in style; we did not hear a peep out of him on how he proved to be a starter in 2001. Instead he went about his business with a passion that belies his age. He took whatever role the staff gave him and made it his mission to do it well.

The attitude he displayed this past season will serve him well in free agency. I do not see the Chargers re-signing Ruff as he looks for a situation that will give him more minutes on defense and more bucks for his wallet.

10% chance of re-signing.

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