Unrestricted Free Agent: Sammy Williams

Sammy Williams is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the month. The writers here at Chargers Update take a look at the chances of Williams returning to the Chargers. Williams played both left and right tackle for the Chargers.

Tom Criswell's Take:

Sammy Williams was the most versatile tackle this year backing up both Damion McIntosh and Vaughn Parker when they went down. He played adequately enough for some, but it was good to have the versatility that he showed. He played strong on both the Right and the left side, being a FA pick up last year from Baltimore he should resign with the Chargers because they need depth at tackle, he has already proven he could do the Job last year.

The Chargers wont Sign Williams cause his Pass blocking sucks. Williams did a good job against the Run but his pass blocking was little to be desired. At either end he played at it seemed that was the end Defensive Coordinator's geared up to attack, even though Brees was the 5th least sacked QB in the league, Williams blocking was still less then to be desired, and more then one game did he get an earful from Marty Schottenheimer and Hudson Houck when he went off the sideline. Others were impressed with him, I was not. I thought he was better then Ellis and that was about it.

I give Williams a 50 percent chance to re-sign with The Chargers.

Dr. J's Take:

Sammy Williams was one of the worst players along a young and banged up offensive line. He missed assignments, got caught with too many penalties, and failed to move his feet on pass protections which left him open to bull rushing defensive ends. The Chargers already have Ed Ellis, they don't need another problem.

Williams should be a 0% chance of re-signing but he might have to return for depth's sake…

Denis Savage's Take:

You mean I get my choice between Offsides Ellis and Sammy Williams? I would choose Williams in a heartbeat if that was the case. Alas it is not. I actually think Houck can work with Williams more than Ellis. I would be in favor of seeing Williams back. The main thing he lacked was the footwork to succeed against speedy ends. At least he did not commit penalties as Ellis routinely did.

Williams will be back. Who else can the get that is cheap and will accept a backup role? It is the price we must pay for a backup. Williams is still young enough to learn to play the tackle position better and Houck has proven he can do magic with a so-so line.

72% chance to re-sign.

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