Unrestricted Free Agent: Jerry Wilson

Jerry Wilson was signed by the Chargers as a free agent on Nov. 19, 2002 to add depth and experience to the secondary and on special teams. Wilson was originally drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 4th round of the 1995 NFL Draft, 105th overall. He also spent time in Miami and New Orleans. He has never been a starter in the NFL, but rather a guy who can provide depth and solid contributions.

Tom Criswell's Take:

Jerry Wilson, did this guy suit up?? Just kidding, Wilson played in the Dime packages for the Chargers and in the nickel when Molden or McNeil was hurt. The reason I think the Chargers would re-sign him is they need speed at the corner position and next year they are going to be auditioning for corners to play the cover-2 they could sign him to a 1 year veterans minimum salary and see if he can help the team.

The Reason the team won't re-sign him is he does not have the kind of speed they want, yes I said they would resign him for the speed and that is because he is faster then either Molden or McNeil. He does not have starter written on him, at least not for the Chargers. They could resign him for the veteran's minimum and use him on special teams and Dime situations again next year.

I give him a 20 percent chance of re-signing with the Chargers.

Dr. J's Take:

Who is this guy? He played mostly because of Tay Cody's injury. With Cody returning as the nickel back and backup CB, I don't see Wilson returning…does this guy play FS too?

10% chance of signing, only because this secondary is in need of a FS and anyone could be an option.

Denis Savage's Take:

Wilson played this year? Oh I didn't notice since he was invisible even when he got a chance. His only splash was on special teams where he had more tackles than playing in the Chargers secondary and even those stats are not overwhelming.

He will not be back. The team is looking to get younger where it can…not hire on a retread when a potential undrafted free agent can easily contribute as much as Wilson in year one of their career.

1% chance to re-sign (hey I have to be safe).

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