Local Boys have it rough at the combines

A rough outing at the combines for the local guys, JR Tolver and Kaseem Osgood. Both had been invited to the combines to show their wears and show the coaches and owners that they belong in the NFL. Neither had a very good showing.

JR Tolver had a 40 time of 4.8; most of the QBs that ran had better 40 times then he did, he was also very inconsistent at the pass catching drills, it could have been the Turf or it could have been nerves but he did not fair well on his day at the combines.

Kaseem Osgood had a hard time breaking 4.7 in the 40, he also had inconsistencies in catching the ball, and it could have been the turf or nerves in his case also. They both showed good speed in College and also showed they had good hands, but they did not make the best of this opportunity to show teams and coaches that they have the stuff to be pros.

They will have one more chance on March 12th, which is SDSU's Pro Day to impress the Coaches and scouts. Osgood had a great game in the Hula Bowl and he and Tolver combine for 220 receptions last season breaking two NCAA records, yards and receptions. They were thought to be two of the best coming out of the Mountain West Conference.

On March 12th along with players like Akbar Gbaja-Biamilla, Ricky Sharpe and Armon Arnold they will make the best of the day to make up for the shortcomings that they have had so far at the combines. The combines are known to make or break players' careers, and both players needed a good showing to move up the draft.

They say you never get a second chance to make a good impression, good thing this is not true in Football. The Two Receivers will have another chance on their Perspective Pro Day and on their home field to show what they can do, hopefully they will work on their speed a little more along with Catching if they wish to make it to the next level.

As many of you know I am a big believer in both Osgood and Tolver and think and Know they both could/can be very good players in this league, they just need the chance to show themselves. They had the chance today and did not make the best of it, I still believe that Osgood could be the next Terrell Owens, he has good hands and speed and is big and strong, it may not of shown up today but it is there. Tolver also has good hands and speed and is very exceptional at running crossing patterns and corner routes, something a lot of pro style offenses run.

I hope they both get their heads together and take advantage of this opportunity when it comes up on the 12th of March. They did not take they advantage they should have at the combines especially with so many players opting not to run or work out there.

One benefit could be John Butler and staff had an opportunity to see them more often than any other team, and with a poor showing they may be great value picks in the later rounds of the Draft.

Thanks to Denis Savage and Tony Pauline for contributing to this story.

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