Restricted Free Agent: Damion McIntosh

Damion McIntosh has begun to solidify himself as a high quality left tackle and a certain bargain even if he is offered the top tender which would net a 1st and 3rd round pick if he signed with another team. $1.8 million would be that offer, and $1.3 million would net the Chargers a first round pick. The tender offer will count immediately against the cap. The lowest offer of $619K would only net the Chargers a third round pick if he signed somewhere else.

Tom Criswell's Take:

Damion McIntosh is a must sign, McIntosh helped anchor the front line before he got hurt, he helped keep Brees the least sacked QB in the league, he also helped make LaDainian Tomlinson the number two running back in the league with a 4.5 yard average. He is young and only in his 4th year, when healthy he is one of the best in the league and could anchor this Charger's line for a long time.

McIntosh may want to try his wears in free agency and see what he can get for his Talent, but the Chargers hold the leverage as he is a restricted free agent. The other way the chargers might let McIntosh go is if they trade for Kyle Turley, Turley is a pro bowl caliber player who is a veteran and could step in right away to take McIntosh's spot.

McIntosh has a 95 percent chance of re-signing with the Chargers

Dr. J's Take:

McIntosh needs to be resigned in order to keep a young and injury racked line together for continuity. He's a must sign mainly because there are few options out there via free agency that won't be as cost efficient. There are enough needs to fill on this team without having to worry about coming up with another young offensive lineman to help move this team on the ground.

80% chance of re-signing, but a 100% must re-sign.

Denis Savage's Take:

McIntosh is the best the Chargers have. He will be relatively cheap and he should be signed to a long term deal. When healthy he has proven to be more than effective run blocking and in pass protection. With an older Vaughn Parker manning the other side, it would be a comfort to know the Chargers are set on one side for years to come.

Pending some cuts, I think it is safe to say he will be tendered an offer amounting to at least a first round pick. They are currently working on a long term deal and it should come to fruition shortly.

100%, he will be back.

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