Going the Distance with Georgia's Geno Atkins

Geno Atkins has done everything possible to set himself up for draft day. He established himself as a disruptive force on the Bulldogs' D-line; he shined in the offseason workout circuit; and now, as he tells us in the final installment of this pre-draft series, he's set to take his game to the next level.

Geno Atkins established himself as a penetrating interior defender for the Bulldogs. He recorded 111 tackles, 33 TFLs and 10.5 sacks between 2007-2009 and looks to keep wreaking havoc on the next level.

Atkins allows us to follow his journey to the NFL Draft via this series of regular Q&As. In case you missed them, check out Part I and Part II.

Michael Lombardo: Last time we spoke, you were getting ready for your Pro Day on March 16. Tell us how that experience went for you.

Geno Atkins: Pro Day went pretty good. You get to meet with some former players who were seniors and juniors, talk to them and see how their pre-draft training has been going and stuff like that. I didn't do too much at Pro Day except for the position drills -- I wanted to stand on my Combine numbers.

ML: Aside from workout numbers, what else can you take away from Pro Day? Did you make any interesting contacts with NFL teams?

DL Geno Atkins
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GA: I just got more of a feel for their organizations and where I would fit in, really. I also got a feel for the personalities of their coaching staffs and stuff like that.

ML: Since your Pro Day, have you had a chance to take any visits or be worked out by any NFL teams?

GA: Yeah, I visited with Tampa. Also, the Patriots came and worked us out. Both experiences went pretty well. I think the coaches saw what I could do and I heard some good things, so I think it went well.

ML: With the draft less than a month away, do you have any inclination where you might end up? And at what point in the draft do you expect to hear your named called?

GA: I think I'll be surprised [by which teams drafts me]. I've heard that I could go in any round, really. Maybe somewhere in the fourth or the fifth, something like that.

ML: What are you going to do over draft weekend?

GA: I'll be at home with my family, watching on TV.

ML: Is it bizarre to know that a month from now you'll be partaking in a mini camp, but you don't know with what team or in which city?

GA: It's really not too much to deal with. I don't think it will be too big of a transition. I guess that's what college is for; you move to another state -- I moved to another state to go to the University of Georgia -- so the only transition would be trying to get familiar with the players, plays and coaches.

ML: Summarize for us what you'll bring to your future employer.

GA: I can bring speed and quickness. I am someone who is going to work hard, study the playbook and be the first one in and the last one out. I am a really hard worker.

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