Charles Scott Craves Return to Competition

It has been over five months since Charles Scott competed on a football field. The LSU running back is ready to snap that streak at an NFL Mini Camp in just a few weeks, but first, there's the small matter of the NFL Draft. He shares his thoughts on the process in the final installment of this interview series.

Charles Scott played in 43 games during his LSU career, carrying 424 times for 2,317 yards (5.5 ypc) and 31 TDs. His senior season ended after just nine games due to a broken collar bone, but he is healthy now and impressing scouts with his offseason workouts.

Scott has allowed us to follow his journey to the NFL Draft via a series of interviews. To see the previous installments, check out Part I and Part II.

Michael Lombardo: It's been a few weeks since we last spoke. What have you been up to in the interim?

Charles Scott: Really, nothing, just staying in shape and doing different interviews with different teams. I've just been laying low besides that.

ML: One of the teams you visited was the New England Patriots. Tell us how that experience went for you.

RB Charles Scott
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CS: It went well. I enjoyed my time with the Patriots. I loved the setup in New England and Foxboro. Of course, it was great to meet Coach Bill Belichick and the other coaches on the staff. I really feel like the meeting went well.

You can kind of feel the business attitude [in New England], yet the guys know how to go out and have fun with each other. It's just a family feeling when you walk into the building. Everyone has an understanding and one goal: to win football games.

ML: What other teams have been on your itinerary thus far?

CS: The only team that's come to work me out is Cleveland and the only other visit I had was Philly. [The Philadelphia visit] went well, too. It was kind of the same thing as New England. They had a nice setup at the NovaCare Center. The facilities were great and all the coaches were great. Coach [Andy] Reid is a great guy and it was a pleasure to sit down and talk to him.

ML: During your interactions with all the NFL teams this offseason, how specific do you get in discussing your role for this year?

CS: They don't say much about where they're going to pick you or what your role is going to be, but I'm sure it won't be too much different from what I was doing at LSU.

ML: Have any teams given you any promises along the lines of, "If you're still on the board at this point, we're definitely going to take you"?

CS: Not necessarily. They don't give you a prediction of where they would draft you. They just kind of let you know that they're interested and keep it at that.

ML: Do you have any idea what round you might be drafted in?

CS: I have no clue. Realistically, it could be anywhere from Rounds 2-4. That's what I'm kind of expecting.

ML: I'm sure the draft has consumed all your focus lately, but has it sunk in that you'll be competing in an NFL Mini Camp in just a few weeks?

CS: Actually, I have [thought about it]. I haven't touched the field since Nov. 7. It's kind of a deal where I'm ready to go compete. I'm excited to be on the next level just to see how much of a difference there is speed-wise.

ML: What are your expectations for that first Mini Camp?

CS: The team [that drafts me] will have a great idea of who I am and what I do best, so they're going to put me in a good position in Mini Camp. My goal is to do the things I've been doing and get better at the things I didn't do too often at LSU.

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