Press Conference: Part I

The first stage of the 11 AM press conference today dealt with the wide receiving corps, the release of Curtis Conway and an interesting proclamation by Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer. <br><br> The rest of the press conference will be posted later today.

On Conway:

Schottenheimer: "We gave Curtis the opportunity to return, he felt as though not withstanding what we felt to be a very fair and competitive opportunity and offer that he could do better somewhere else."

Butler: "We offered him an excellent amount of money in my opinion for one year which is a $1.9 million with a chance to go to $3 million with incentives. Those incentives were tied to catching the football; he could have been right at $3 million again. At this stage, and the stage of other people's careers sometimes you have to make the judgement and assessment. One year at a time and we can judge it from there. I respect Curtis' feelings very much on how he felt about the extension so…

"On all the guys that left, I always admire these people. They are excellent players; they have given everything that they can. It's the business and the system and they have choices to make and I can appreciate that. We have some, they have some too. We try to present good opportunities to them but they felt they could do better elsewhere. I understand and I wish them well, the very, very best."

Restructuring players?

Butler: "We talked to several people of ours in regards to that."

WR better than Curtis Conway in free agency?

Butler: "That remains to be seen. You just don't know, you study, you work you have a plan of people you look at. If you get them you don't know, through the Draft, through free agency. We have a plan, we will see if that plan unfolds in our favor. I cant sit here and tell you that for sure is gonna happen but."

Schottenheimer: "I look at the fact that we have an excellent young player in Reche Caldwell, a guy who made excellent progress throughout the course of the season. We have a young player like that; you want to give him an opportunity to play. In the system we operate in there is three basic criteria in my mind that you have to address:

"One has to do with production, the other has to do with potential and the other has to do with economics, and actually the production and the potential kind of become a product of, in this particular situation right now as we speak, the economics.

"A player has an opportunity to go out and perform and make plays, and I think that is reasonably easy for all of us to quantify. The thing that becomes a little more difficult is the potential, in other words, is this an ascending player or is this a descending player? If it is in fact an ascending player you're on the balance sheet if you will, that becomes a positive. If he is a descending player than after putting all of the analysis together that is a negative factor. Ultimately what you have to do is take all that information and you try to make a decision that you feel is in the best interest of winning football games."

Is Curtis a descending player?

Schottenheimer: "I think Curtis right now is a good solid player. He is as good a receiver as I have ever had. However, you have to take the balance of all three elements. You take production, you take potential and you take economics and they all have a factor in it."

On Eric Parker getting more time when Conway was out?

Schottenheimer: "Different positions, different positions. Reche is now our starting split end."

Butler: "We talk about the economics in question. A lot of times things we do, and I don't want everything to be cap blamed, cause that is not true. You work around that, you do everything you can. A lot of time with the economics in mind you do get that. We are trying to add some real fine players to those people, so had Curtis been here our whole thing is to have some outstanding people around him. We want to win, and win now not down the line. So that is where the money factors come in to. If you can get more help down there, you sure try to."

Cap space and how many free agents to go after?

Butler: "You have top look at quite a few and you have the ones that you like, one two three, the best that you think are real good but we do have a certain percentage of people we have been studying very hard along with the Draft."

Schottenheimer: "We in fact maintain the number of what we consider to be young ascending players. We talk about Kevin House, Eric Parker of course is here, Damion McIntosh so this is a process that every team in this league goes through and we have to make choices like everybody else does, and like John said the players in some cases have to make choices as well."

Happy with WRs?

Schottenheimer: "Well we don't have enough of them to start right now."

Do you have a No. 1 WR right now

Schottenheimer: "I think we have the potential certainly in Reche Caldwell; yes I do, to go along with Tim Dwight. I really do feel that way, and that was material to this decision."

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