Press Conference: Part III

In part III of the 11 AM press conference Marty and John talked about how free agency will come together, personnel, the cap, and the biggest concerns heading into the offseason... speed on defense.

Biggest concerns

Marty Schottenheimer: "I think first and foremost without any question we have to get more speed on our defensive football team. We have to get more speed on our defensive football team because speed is your margin of error in this football business. Beyond that we already discussed the fact that secondary becomes a matter. Wide receiver, experience wide receiver possibly becomes a matter. Some things on the offensive line, but ultimately in the process you don't always get what you are after, but I would say those would be the three, what would you say John?"

John Butler: "Yeah."

Schottenheimer: "We haven't really addressed that in any detail at this point. We don't have a kicker under contract right now."

Glaring hole for a team playing close games

Schottenheimer: "We are going to open the offense up so…" laughter ensues.

Butler: "That is one of the things we have to address."

Quality or quantity in FA

Butler: "Sometimes the team may not be winners but the players may be winners and they are people we have known and studied from their college days to their Pro time. I don't always look on what the records were, just the individual how he can best fit into our football team.

"We want quality and that is what we go for. If you do that it probably reduces the quantity.

Any visits planned for tomorrow?

Butler: "I don't know yet, we can't do anything till tonight. After 9 we are allowed to talk to them, that's the reason I hold off on it, I want to make sure till at that time something can be done, we will know a whole lot more then."

How tough is it to deal with free agents?

Butler: "Tremendously hard. That is one of the toughest things going. You just want to make sure that the money you give to a person is so prideful and loves this game so much that they're gonna play no matter what, or say I wasn't worth that, take some back, which I have had people do before or help keep the team together. That is a difficult thing; you hope that you make the right judgement to somebody that when you do give them a large amount of money they play their hearts out."

Schottenheimer: "The one thing about personnel, and this is very obvious, but no one ever has all the answers. You make choices based on things that you believe are substantive and sometimes because the conditions change or the environment changes, the performance changes and maybe the performance is the same or maybe it's not the same, maybe its even better, I don't know but that's the unknown that's always there in free agency. That's why I think the general sentiment is you try and keep your own."

Cap room

Butler: "I don't know all those things, Ed (McGuire) knows it inside and out because there is pro rated money involved, bonuses aren't going to be paid, he has it down.

"Go to Ed, what can you do, how can you do it, he's so good at it, he knows exactly. That's where were at, can't do anything more and it puts a leash on you and that is the way it should be.

"We have always spent right up to the cap that is one thing about ownership here; people can say everything they want. They have given every resource possible to us since I have been here. Millions of dollars it takes for signing bonuses, everything. So if anybody says, it is so erroneous, we have always been right up there. Matter of fact when I cam aboard that was one of the first things, we were 1-15 and we were already tight to the cap, which you really don't like to be, not when you're there, but that's the way it works and we're gonna stay we're gonna go right to the top."

Over the cap spending?

Butler: "I had a team in Buffalo where we were $14 million over and I tell you I know exactly what Denver and those other people were trying to do, win. Win, and put the best product on the field for your fans. Do everything you can, try and win a Super Bowl, do anything. And there is always ways you can work around the cap. People use the cap as an excuse, and I hate that cause you are trying to win and you're trying to do everything you can, and there is going to be years where you have to pare down and you have to cut men, but for nine years or seven years of that cap we tried everything to win (in Buffalo). Everything to win, we got close but we couldn't get it done, but it's gonna be the same thing here. We are going to do everything we can to try and win. Cap excuses to me are, just what they are, excuses. And Denver's 20 over, Denver tried like hell to win everything. I admire them. Damn right, trying to win it all and they are paring down."

Are you prepared to go over the cap

Butler: "I am not saying that, there is a certain responsibility. You know why sometimes it happens that way cause you have a lot of good football players. You got a lot of good players that you try and keep for a lot of years and it adds up."

Exact cap numbers

Butler: "I really like to keep that in the house. I think that's something since it changes all the time."

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