Players the Chargers Should Avoid

It is a recurring dream I have that sometimes I have. I'll call it a nightmare. <br><br> Paul Tagliabue comes up to the podium and says, "With the 15th pick in the 2003 NFL Draft, the SD Chargers select …"

Mike Doss, SS, Ohio State … The guy is a great college player and I don't like ripping players with his class and work ethic. It is kind of like ripping Chris Zorich when he came out of Notre Dame. That said, Mike is going to need to be in the right system to succeed and the Chargers don't employ that system. He is a short SS type whose play diagnosis against the run is solid, but he is overly aggressive and puts his head down too much (leading to missed tackles). As far as cover skills, I'd rate them as below average for the NFL.

William Joseph, DT, Miami (Fl) … William Joseph is a big DT with long arms and good quickness who looked like the next coming as a freshman. Unfortunately, he doesn't make enough plays despite having superior talent around him. The closest comparison is Daryl Gardener when he came out of Baylor. Gardener had all the stars align and became a great player despite being a complete underachiever in college. The road is littered with workout warriors who haven't been as fortunate. William Joseph is just the next in line.

Andre Woolfolk, CB, Oklahoma … This is a pick that wouldn't be nearly as bad as the top 2, but I'm inclined to put his name out there anyway. I put a priority on production and I don't think Woolfolk is ready to make an impact as a starter in the next year or two. Heck, he might even be better suited for the FS position. Physically, this kid is very similar to Quentin Jammer. Unfortunately, he plays the position like a converted WR rather than a CB with ideal physical attributes. He is a player that I think will eventually be pretty good, but we'll need to be patient if he is our selection.

If any of these players is available in the 2nd round, I have a different position on their selection, but I'd be frightened to see any of them selected with our number 1 pick. There is one more player that I want to single out, because in the 2nd or 3rd round, I'd be very upset if we selected him.

Julian Battle, S, Tennessee … If you could combine Julian Battle and Mike Doss, you'd have the perfect player. Big, strong, fast, and athletic; Battle is the epitome of what a scout looks for in a Safety physically. Unfortunately, he is always a step late and plays undisciplined ball. He also has a tendency to take dumb penalties at inopportune times. He's versatile enough to play CB or FS with his physical skill set, but you watch him play and wonder how someone so talented could basically waste his physical skills.

It's funny, but there is no discernable pattern above. You see two great talents with poor attitudes, one great talent who is raw, and a great system player missing some physical skills. Some of them will make it because everything will align and they'll be put in a system that will help them succeed. I just would rather that not be with the Chargers if all things were equal.

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