Bring the Rock

No I am not talking about WWE Super Star, The Rock, I am talking about Lorenzo Neal, the best Full back in the NFL the last few years and a Legitimate fullback at that. Welcome to the newest San Diego Charger.

Lorenzo Neal, late of the Cincinnati Bengals, is now a San Diego Charger. One of the Best in the NFL over the last six years he has led his running back to 1,000 yard seasons, was a Pro Bowl Fullback last year and he is now a Charger.

Junior Seau and ex-Charger Rodney Harrison had said at one time, one of the hardest hitting offensive players they went up against was Lorenzo Neal. He has good hands, adequate speed and the best thing is he is a good blocker who is exceptional at picking up Blitzes and opening holes.

Maybe those little 1 and 2 yard Losses on 3rd and 1 we might instead make 1 and 2 yard gains. LaDainian Tomlinson was upset when Fred McCrary was let go, but has to be ecstatic that he will now be rushing behind one of the best in the Business.

He is not here to rush for a 1,000 yards and he is not here to here to catch passes for 1,000 yards. His job is to block and that is what he does well. He knows what his role is and after signing a 3 year contract with the Chargers and turning down a last ditch effort by Cincinnati to keep him he is where he said he has always wanted to play.

Neal has "always wanted to be a San Diego Charger" he said in his Thursday broadcast and is happy to be here. Well, we are happy that he is here to and so is LT. One thing about it John Butler and Marty Shottenheimer did not wait around, only being 14 hours into free agency they made the first deal of many more that are soon to come.

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