Boston Could be Suspended

Thanks to a reader, I checked some information on free agent David Boston and found there is a possible four game suspension that is hanging over his head, according to an article by Ken Murray of the online community; David Boston could be facing this suspension when he either returns to the Arizona Cardinals or signs with another team. Could that team be the Chargers? Will the possible suspension deter the Bolts?

Though I have not been able to find any record of it this is supposedly Boston's second offense, which is a four game suspension by the NFL.

Rod Graves the new General Manager of the Cardinals said, "I recognize that David Boston, as a talent, is one of the top players in the NFL." Graves also added, "There has been a lot of interest in our decision not to tag him as our franchise player. There were - and still are - concerns dealing with him both on and off the field. As I've indicated ... we did not feel comfortable getting into a guaranteed contract situation with him." This statement is leaving one to believe that something may be pending.

Boston was injured last year after playing in 8 games for the Cardinals finishing the season with 32 catches for 512 yards. Boston had his two best years in 2000 and 2001 when he finished off with 1,156 yards and 1,598 yards respectively. Boston is one of the Better talents in the NFL and the No. 1 receiver on the free agent market. What are the chances of this hurting other teams from taking a good look at Boston? Slim to none.

Teams know of his pending suspension but teams also know the value that he brings to the team at 6-2, 240 pounds and arms bigger then my legs this kid has speed and the ability to catch the ball. The Chargers should still take a look at Boston and will take that look this week as Boston comes to town. The other team that is currently interested is Baltimore.

"He's on my list," said A.J. Smith, the team's assistant general manager. "He's on everybody's list."

Now that they have released names Like Curtis Conway (#1 Receiver) and Rodney Harrison (Starting Strong Safety) they not only need a legitimate #1 receiving threat they need a star player to replace the two they just released. As I had said I searched for confirming sources but did not come up with any on a previous infraction but even if Boston is suspended 4 games he is still worth the chance for any team.

Right now the Charges have 3 young receivers vying for a spot in Terry Charles, Reche Caldwell and Eric Parker. The Chargers also have Tim Dwight who is not a threat at the #1 receiver spot. The Chargers need to do something and there is not much in the way of Free agents available. Only time and NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue will tell if Boston will be suspended but for the right Money, I would still sign him to lead the young receivers that we have.

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