Chargers Could Pay for it All

Mark Fabiani the Voice of the Chargers in these upcoming negotiations (hopefully) with the city believes that the Citizens Task Force recommendation of leasing the land to the Chargers and having the Chargers pay for the New Stadium and developing of the land could be feasible.

"We think this proposal deserves careful study and that, under the right conditions, it may work," said Chargers consultant Mark Fabiani. At the same time he also put a dark light over the day when Fabiani said the team plans to trigger the renegotiation clause in its 1995 Qualcomm contract with the city soon to "insulate any talks between the city and the team against lawsuits."

The Chargers want to begin Negotiations with the city but once again our city council delayed it when 5 members of the council differed yesterday delaying the vote to negotiate.

Last Thursday the City Task Force put forth the Leasing of the land as one of the recommendations to the city on helping to build the Chargers a new stadium. The Task force voted this option in the same night that they finished their study.

The fact the Chargers think this is a good idea and worth looking into proves 2 things 1) They want to stay in San Diego and 2) That they are willing to spend the Money to do so. This is one idea that could work out perfectly for both the Chargers and the City, 1) There would be no new Taxes on the City or Citizens or Tourists, 2) The City would Make money, 3) The City would spend no money in the building of the Stadium or development of the Qualcomm site, 4) It Keeps the San Diego Chargers in the City of San Diego for years to come.

What remains to be seen is if the Council members finally get over their you push me I push you attitude and start working with the city. Once again Mrs. Frye (My Favorite Surf Queen) differed for she felt 2 Questions were not answered and I would like to take the time to answer those Questions for her since it seems no one else has been able to do so.

1) What is wrong with Qualcomm? First off it is obvious Mrs. Frye does not go to sporting events or she would not be asking this Question. The city did not do a good Job in redeveloping the Q, I will give an example, During the final Charger game last year as I was waiting for the game to start and staying out of the Rain. I was in Section 1 and I looked over 2 rows to my right because I heard a man Cussing up a storm. Some brainiac had put a leak spout that was pouring right down on top of the man's head. The seating sucks, they put in many new seats but a lot became "Obstructive View" seats because that is just it, as soon as the Teams hit the field your view is obstructed or you are back in the corner to where you can only see half the play on one side of the field. There are cracks in the fissures, it needs to be repainted, The Bathroom's are intolerable, there is a list of things and I am sure the disabled would love to chime in here also for they to feel that Qualcomm is not fit for any events. Would you rather keep getting Lawsuit after Lawsuit or fix the problem.

So what do they do? They take out seats that would be considered part of the Ticket Guarantee and replace them with seats (forgive me early) that are not completely occupied 100 percent of the time which costs the city more money in Guaranteed Money. You will never see another NFL Super Bowl in this City if the Team continues to play at the Q and maybe to Mrs. Frye that does not mean anything but to the City of San Diego that means anywhere from 300 to 600 million boost to the economy every 5-10 years.

2) Why should the city open negotiations in the first place? Ok now there have been many stupid questions that I have read in papers or heard by interviewers on the TV or even asked myself, but this has got to take the cake. Lets see you open negotiations because a) that is what the contract says you should do, b) to show good faith between the city and the Chargers and c) because if you do not open negotiations you are going to lose the NFL franchise that is in this city and once you are voted out of office (which I will be at the front of the line for that vote) The person who replaces you that wants a new stadium will know it will cost this City a hell of a lot more then 200 million dollars to get there and that Owner would probably not be willing to pay for the whole deal themselves which mean you are looking at anywhere from 4-500 million to build the stadium, then another 800 million to get the NFL to allow you to have a team here (which is the going price now a days).

So Mrs. Frye does that answer both of your questions?? Oh and Z is not bad when your Teams Owner is willing to sit down and discuss paying for the whole deal himself when no other Owner in the league except a very few would even do so, when The Owner of the Team in your city who is known to be "cheap" and not willing to spend Money is willing to do so, then Z is not a bad option at all.

Mr. Mitrovich another council member who differed was not so willing to do the lease deal "We have 166 extraordinarily valuable acres," Mitrovich said. "I'm not sure I'm willing to concede to the Chargers alone the responsibility (and benefits) of building there."

Well Mr. M, here is the deal when the Chargers came to you with a Joint proposal to develop the land they were Chastised for doing so, and now you are not willing to lease them the Land that they are willing to put their Money in to develop and build a new stadium, Which in the end could cost them well over 600 to 700 million when you throw in the development of the land and could even go higher. You don't want to lose the money that earlier the City council said was a ludicrous proposal and that their experts said is not a feasible answer to the new Stadium issue. You cannot have your Cake and eat it to.

I think the Citizens of San Diego would approve of this, they get what they want, The Chargers pay for everything, and the city pays for nothing and still makes money on the deal. My bet is they will find another reason why not to negotiate, maybe the weather is not right, Maybe they all have hair appointments who knows. All I know is all spring and summer we heard how the Chargers were not willing to negotiate, how the Chargers were holding the city hostage with the Ticket Guarantee and the trigger, how the Chargers are just aiming to move and really don't want a deal, if Bruce Henderson can sign off on the deal, then obvious he thinks it is a feasible proposal. The Ball is now in The Council and the Mayors Court are they going to Lob it or they going to knock it out? Time is wasting and only time will tell.

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