Let the Tea Party Begin

San Diego's own version of the Boston Tea Party has begun; David Boston the Premier receiver in free agency is in town in San Diego is courting him.

The San Diego Chargers need a new #1 for their Young Quarterback Drew Brees, and who better then a young QB like David Boston, who like Drew Brees and LT is 24 years old, couple that with the rest of the relatively young Offense and Marty Schottenheimer will not be able to sit still till the Season Begins.

With the San Diego Chargers Cutting Curtis Conway that left them with a receiving Trio of Eric Parker (whom I love as a Receiver and believe this kid is going to be huge in the NFL), Reche Caldwell that had a good rookie year especially catching TD's and Tim Dwight who is probably the fastest guy on the team.

Many a San Diego fan is hoping that the Chargers sign Boston, with the thoughts of this young offense hitting the field together you can bet Mr. Spanos will sell some tickets this year.

Drew Brees drove to Charger Park yesterday just to meet with Boston and his Agent, "I was like, I gotta get over there and meet him because this is a guy who obviously could help us have a great, great offense," said Brees, he then added "From playing against him the past couple of years – even though I'm not on the defensive side of the ball – just watching him, just looking at the guy physically, he's a specimen. When you say big receiver, I don't think you can get a bigger more physical looking receiver than David Boston"

It is Obvious that Marty Schottenheimer would love to have Boston in his young offense when asked about Boston's off the Field problems, "I have no concerns about his character at this stage," coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "I absolutely don't think his character is an issue. We see it sometimes, guys make errors in judgment."

"This is just the beginning aspect of it from both sides," he said. "There isn't a timetable at this point, and I don't know that we will make him an offer before he leaves."

Wrong answer. Let's Hope San Diego does the Right thing, let's hope they sign this young man and bring some excitement back to San Diego's Offense. Let's Hope they Bring us our own Version of the Boston Tea Party.

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