Chargers Update Subscribers. Here is the latest scoop with our analysis, including the latest on David Boston and one of our own, Adrian Dingle."> Chargers Update Subscribers. Here is the latest scoop with our analysis, including the latest on David Boston and one of our own, Adrian Dingle.">

Free Agent Hot News Recap

Here is the very latest news on free agents of interest to the San Diego Chargers. Some players are known to the press, others are known only to <A HREF="">Chargers Update Subscribers</a>. Here is the latest scoop with our analysis, including the latest on David Boston and one of our own, Adrian Dingle.

David Boston
Wide Receiver

Boston has been in town since Monday and went through a physical that gave him a clean bill of health. He has a sit down with John Butler and Ed McGuire today. Drew Brees met with him yesterday and left feeling confident about the situation. Brees also realizes Boston must choose the Chargers and outlined the benefit of himself being 24, LaDainian Tomlinson being 24 and Boston being the same age.

The agent for Boston has confirmed Baltimore is the next town he will visit and possibly Atlanta after that although that has not been confirmed.

McGuire is the money man and if a deal is going to happen; the beginnings of that plan must be set forth today. The Chargers are still trying to protect themselves if Boston is to miss four games next season, and the contract will surely bear that in mind. If he leaves unsigned, he may never return.

David Thornton
Defensive Tackle

The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots have expressed an interest in Thornton. Thornton was back at his college stomping grounds of Morgantown, West Virginia, waiting for offers from the free agent market before Cincinnati and Minnesota scheduled visits with Thornton this week. The Chargers remain interested but do not think they can play with the big dogs in their quest for help on the defensive line.

It is doubtful the Chargers will even make a play for Thornton with other needs at the top of the priority list. They are looking to first settle the wide receiver spot, kicker and defensive back before looking down different roads.

Tory James

James is set to huddle with the Cincinnati Bengals on Wednesday and meet with Minnesota on Sunday and Monday. He has also been contacted by the Dolphins about a potential visit although no date is set. The Chargers are very interested in James and are looking to setup a visit with James.

With so many teams interested in James' services and the list growing larger by the day, James appears to be priced out of San Diego. He will command a hefty salary and the Chargers cannot afford to spend what he will be looking for on the open market. Despite the Chargers concerns at corner, they will likely look another route. Consider that the Bolts have tried and failed in free agency on a number of occasions to solve the cornerback problem and the outlook is even bleaker.

John Carney

Carney has expressed an interest in returning to the Chargers and retiring as a Bolt. He has also let it be known that he would be interested in the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has not setup any visits thus far and the NY Jets have stated they are not interested in him.

Carney is a good a bet as any to return to the Chargers. He has been solid for the past few years and bringing him back would be admittance on the part of John Butler that he was wrong in letting him go in the first place. There are still many kickers available and no leads have been tossed out on who the Chargers favor.

Adrian Dingle
Defensive End

Dingle has proven he can start and be effective in this league. The Chargers desperately want him back and have offered a three year deal to retain his services. Dingle is hesitating as he looks at the market and what he could potentially get from another suitor.

Sometimes the grass is not always greener. Thus far that has proven true. Other teams are staying away from him as they believe he wants to remain in San Diego, and he is using them to drive up his asking price. Expect Dingle to sign a contract with the Chargers in the coming days.

Sammy Knight

Knight voided the final year of his contract in New Orleans expecting to see a lot of action in free agency. So far only Pittsburgh has shown mild interest. The Chargers are continually looking for an upgrade at safety. The Chargers currently have penciled in Ryan McNeil at the spot but that could change depending on free agency.

Knight is a similar player to the released Rodney Harrison. He will also look to increase his salary from the $1.925 million base salary he was scheduled to make had he stayed in New Orleans. With McNeil moving to safety, Knight becomes a low priority. Orlando Brown
Offensive Lineman

Brown is visiting with the Vikings right now. The word is contract details are being worked out and he may not leave Minnesota. He is scheduled to visit with the Chargers later this week.

The first visit with a team is often the defining moment. With the Vikings intent on signing Brown, it leaves the Chargers with little opportunity. If he does get to San Diego expect the Chargers to make a big push towards signing him. It appears unlikely as a source from the Vikings claims he will be wrapped up shortly.

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